Beginning A Productive Day

Simple Guidelines To Beginning a Productive Day No. 1 – Set An Alarm – The night before, set an alarm that allows you time to prepare for your day ahead. Implement enough time so that you are not rushing, rushing generates stress within your mind & therefore directly impacts how your day will follow. Also, it is […]

Purposeful Living

GREETINGS! At one point or another it is human to feel lost or vulnerable about your path in life. A journey is not linear; it consists of various phases. Phases filled with ambition, passion, uncertainty, pain, frustration, hopelessness, happiness, clarity and drive. These phases all offer diverse lessons that we benefit from as a result […]

The Art of Alignment

Being in alignment ~ the act of adjusting the position of priorities, goals, or ideas to create a parallel line forward. Alignment is a key element to embrace in order to create and customize your journey. When we have goals and priorities it is important to engrain these ideas into our daily life. When we engrain and practice these priorities […]

You Are the CEO

The better that you feel about yourself, the more luxurious your life will be. Sounds intriguing, am I right?! This is a choice that you have the power to choose to make each and every day. Train your mind to look at all the beauty that is present and find what makes your soul spark! […]


No. 1 –  Continuously define & redefine your personal goals No. 2 – Focus on strengths, rather than fixating upon weaknesses No. 3 – Create short term milestones on the path to creating dreams No. 4 – Be honest with yourself about practicing what you preach No. 5 – Don’t stop believing, learning & growing No. 6 – Take satisfaction from team success […]

Summertime Self Growth

Happy FriYAY! I am sitting here on this glorious Spring morning, overlooking a beautiful marsh. The windows are raised – allowing fresh air to fill my home, birds are chirping, the sun is shining and in this moment I am at peace. While reflecting about this past week, one thing comes to mind. This idea that […]

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