Smiles Are Magical

A smile is a powerful action: it’s contagious, requires muscles, feelings, memories & happiness. Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the

The Essence of Taking Massive Action and Igniting a Continuous Momentum

Grow Through What You Go Through Think…for a moment about how you feel when you experience moments of challenge and rise above them. That

Passion: Discover What It Is That Makes You Tick

Let’s take a moment and think about what it is in life that makes you tick This personal self-awareness is the essence of living your life to

The Art of Moving Forward: After Feeling Regretful of Your Actions

My ego says, ‘I am still pissed about yesterday.’ The spirit says, ‘New Day & New Attitude.’ Love this. A simple reminder to you,

The Essence of Living For You

At one point or another, we all experience moments where we are uncomfortable in our own skin… During this phase of personal discomfort we will

Beginning A Productive Day

Simple Guidelines To Beginning a Productive Day No. 1 – Set An Alarm – The night before, set an alarm that allows you time to prepare

Reversing Angst Into Joy

Dreading. Nervous. Not feelin it. Can I just hide? We have ALL been there & sometimes it’s almost as if it’s impossible to put

Take A Step Back: 2016 – Your Guide To Reflection

  Jump into 2017 with an optimistic mind and enrich your present life. Drive to fill your journey with abundance, joy & vulnerability! Vulnerability? YES…vulnerability

A Story: Limitless Potential

Denied. Picture this; you are at a specific point in your journey where you are required to apply to a new involvement that you’re