Purposeful Living

GREETINGS! At one point or another it is human to feel lost or vulnerable about your path in life. A journey is not linear;

The Art of Alignment

Being in alignment ~ the act of adjusting the position of priorities, goals, or ideas to create a parallel line forward. Alignment is a

You Are the CEO

The better that you feel about yourself, the more luxurious your life will be. Sounds intriguing, am I right?! This is a choice that


No. 1 –  Continuously define & redefine your personal goals No. 2 – Focus on strengths, rather than fixating upon weaknesses No. 3 – Create short term milestones on

Quick Tips: Morning Office Routine

Hello there! I am presently sitting at my desk on this Thursday morning. As I am preparing to begin my daily morning office routine

Summertime Self Growth

Happy FriYAY! I am sitting here on this glorious Spring morning, overlooking a beautiful marsh. The windows are raised – allowing fresh air to

Investments Cultivate Beauty

Good Morning! Happy Friday I hope your week has been filled with intention, interesting moments, challenges, lessons, and pleasure. I have been so busy

The Law of Attraction

Today I woke up thinking about the law of attraction. Intriguing right?! This idea that your mind has the power to manifest your desires.

A New Chapter

Hello there! Happy holidays and cheers to wrapping up another beautiful year. YOU DID IT! You rose through adversity, celebrated triumphs, embarked on spontaneous