Investments Cultivate Beauty

Good Morning! Happy Friday I hope your week has been filled with intention, interesting moments, challenges, lessons, and pleasure. I have been so busy in such a fabulous way! Recently, I began the role as Coordinator of the FOODs program for LiveWell UT. This initiative encompasses my passions and is best described as serendipity. I […]

The Law of Attraction

Today I woke up thinking about the law of attraction. Intriguing right?! This idea that your mind has the power to manifest your desires. When we avoid thinking about what we don’t want to happen and envision what we want to happen, we manifest our desires. Be aware that YOU are the creator, which means […]

A New Chapter

Hello there! Happy holidays and cheers to wrapping up another beautiful year. YOU DID IT! You rose through adversity, celebrated triumphs, embarked on spontaneous adventures, while helping those along the way. I am currently sitting in a charming coffee shop in Perrysburg, Ohio. Parker Coffee Company is modernized with a rustic, comfortable edge. Whenever I […]

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