Reversing Angst Into Joy

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Dreading. Nervous. Not feelin it. Can I just hide?

We have ALL been there & sometimes it’s almost as if it’s impossible to put a halt to these thoughts. Let’s set the scene, you are at a moment that you’ve been waiting for all week! And finally, that time roles around and then all of a sudden your mind is just not in the mood. You’re not into it anymore? Not feeling being social or you just have a mindset ‘it’s not worth it.’ Weird, earlier you were so excited!

Or maybe you have taken steps to finally step outside of your comfort zone & enrich your present life. You have been on a mission to align opportunities for yourself in the near future. So, you inquired with that company, new organization or manager. Finally, you hear back! The news is so GREAT, they want you & then your mind begins to generate uncertainty. Unnecessary uncertainty that is interfering with your growth. Why is that? You should be so happy about this opportunity, you are thriving. Let’s change this.

It’s time to put a halt to this intrusive mindset that arises every once in a while or maybe more often that not. Build a wall when these thoughts interfere & take a step back. Remember you are limitless. This Earth offers so much opportunity for new & exciting experiences. And you are the one in charge! Show up.

When your mind begins to interfere with a positive opportunity, you have the power to reverse this

  • Take a moment & reflect about the opportunity
  • Humble your ego & talk yourself through
  • Have gratitude for the smallest aspect
  • Be present, seize each moment hour by hour
  • Embrace vulnerability & grow limitlessly
  • Listen & gain knowledge from this experience
  • Remember, you’re surrounded by amazing people
  • Be a go-getter
  • Create new experiences
  • Be mindful

Next time your mind begins to interfere, take a moment to really think about the opportunity at hand. Think about what it could lead to & the potential for it to enrich your life. Create new experiences & smile because you are alive & well!