Do Not Give Negativity Power: Vent It Out & Move Forward

Real talk post, about complaining because I get it. Life is not linear and every now and again it doesn’t work in our favor. It throws us a hill or even a mountain, we must keep on climbing and keep on going. You have two choices: sit and complain or do something to change it! Move forward, let it go, and forget about it.

When we are down because of some road block it’s difficult to set our mind’s free from this negativity. All we want to talk about with those close to us is why me, why me. The vent  session typically is filled with negative complaints about why this situation is occurring. And then, we begin to over analyze, become paralyzed, and get into our own head.

It happens, now and again! It’s no fun. 

Think about it, when was the last time you complained endlessly. Typically as a result, the negativity turns into a wild fire of unhappiness within your life. The endless negative emotions continue to manifest those negative feelings into a reality. It’s important to feel it and vent it out, but just as important to know when to move forward and how.

Understand the power of a complaint. It will cause paralysis, so discover different ways to refocus your mindset of the experience into a positive strength. Grow from it, become empowered, and move forward.

The Aftermath of a Complaint:

1. If our mind is obsessing with a complaint we weaken ourselves into this pattern. Complaining becomes habit and negatively impacts our happiness. 

2. It’s a waste of time, choose to grow beyond this test. And the result, an essence of newfound strength. You are the only one who can truly alter this experience.

3. Those close to you will listen but there comes a time when they realize you are the one in control of your mindset and it is time for them to step back. I am sure you can understand this. And remember, it’s not that they don’t care but they have experiences going on within their life to. We are all in control of our own personal thoughts. Choose positivity & growth.

The Process of Growing:

  1. Be Accountable – Instead of playing the blame game learn and reflect on why it happened. How did you get to where you are now and how will you move forward. If you need to understand it on a deeper level, try writing it down. Highly recommend! Get out of your mind and put it on paper.  Leverage upon the fact that you have the power to control your experience. We cannot control external events or anyone’s reaction but we can control our next move.
  2. Have Gratitude –Remember, life is not linear and you will be tested. The universe may have something else in line for your journey, be grateful because you never know where this experience will lead to. Something I find that is so simple & so beyond powerful is taking a moment each day to write down or type onto a sticky note, your gratitude. Acknowledge, the simple beauties around you. It can be so simple, ‘I am grateful for my health.’
  3. Discover Strength – Strength is being able to feel it out & move on. Grow and think about everything with a powerful mindset. Simple powerful thoughts, for example: My boss just fired me. Think, ‘well now there is a new opportunity that awaits me, a job I like even better.’ Or, my significant other cheated on me. Well yay now I am not in a relationship with someone that is not loyal and doesn’t deserve me.

Think back to the last time you continuously allowed negativity in your life? How long did it last? Was there any good that came from this. Personally, if I find myself complaining about a situation, it becomes a habit. It hinders my strength in going forward. Discover strength and a silver lining. Life is so good.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain” – Maya Angelou

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