Nourishment: The Spice of Life

Philosophy: No decision is the wrong decision

Nourishment: there is no right way to nourish your body, it’s all about discovering new foods that allow you to feel alive! One of my favorite ways to nourish my body is to try out new recipes, products and experiment with new ingredients because who doesn’t love a little variety in their life. Variety adds spice and a sparkle!

Farmers Markets are a fun way to explore outside and meet new people in your local community or while traveling. Recently, I was at the local Farmers Market and I discovered these amazing almond butter brownies, life is about balance! I noticed the minimal list of ingredients, so I had give them a try and see what they are about. They are gooey and sure to satisfy any brownie fan. Base Culture products use the most natural ingredients in order to create a treat that leaves you feeling energized. Additionally, these brownies are low in sugar and packed with healthy ingredients that nourish your body!

A few of my favorites from Base Culture are their cinnamon spice almond butter (so creamy), their grain free bread (minimal ingredients), and their banana nut muffins! Each of their products is freshly created with the intention of fueling your body in order to optimize your energy levels each and everyday. These products are stripped away of additives, unnatural sweeteners, hidden sugars, and preservatives. They even list all of the ingredients used in their products on their website. Additionally, they are gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and grain free. If you have a sweet tooth, try them out. .


Earlier I mentioned balanced living, I am going to break it down a little further. Our journey is filled with various opportunities offering you a brand new direction. As you approach a new destination and experience a moment of uncertainty you are offered two options: will you go left and return back home to your roots or turn right and tap into your limitless potential? Neither decision is right nor wrong, but when we choose to take a risk, an opportunity results. You never know, you may thrive off of this new experience and discover a better version of yourself in this moment.

This approach connects to the journey of living a balanced lifestyle. Listen to how you feel in the present moment, this mentality is vital for your happiness! Balance is all about living an enriched life by combining habits that positively complement your journey, along with an optimistic always be learning drive. Balanced living is comprised of: a purposeful career, mindful nourishment, gratitude, travel & fitness. Harmony and happiness generate as a result.

Your health is your greatest power of wealth

Mindful nourishment empowers you to take a moment for yourself and create a beautiful meal filled with colors. Truly enjoy what you are putting into your body and have gratitude for your creation. Feel the energy fill your body and smile because you are healthy, here & now. This is a vital aspect to living a balanced and healthful lifestyle.

Balanced living increases gratitude within your journey. As you move day to day, challenge yourself to live life rather than going through the motions, you must take time for you. This is surprisingly difficult for many individuals because life is beyond busy, Monday through Friday. Each day prioritize a moment to see the sun shining, enjoy a colorful lunch, and look around at the life in which you have built. Notice the network you have surrounded yourself and go out and celebrate with them! Push yourself to the gym and sweat it out with no regrets. Follow this workout with a colorful meal and nourish your body. Challenge yourself to time management at work. And take a moment to breath each day. Balance reminds you to discover the new and challenges you to prioritize health and happiness.

Spice up your life, try out new things, make mistakes, and grow. The world is your oyster, take action today and don’t look back!

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