FarmTable Kitchen: An Epicurean Moment


[ep-i-kyooreeuh n, –kyoo r-ee-] – fond of or adapted to luxury or indulgence in sensual pleasures; having luxurious tastes or habits, especially in eating and drinking.

Loving food or finer things

Who does not love good food? FarmTable Kitchen in Saint Petersburg, Florida is simply spectacular. From beginning to end, this restaurant understands fabulous presentation, friendly service, comfortable atmosphere and intriguing cuisine.

Lifelong friendships are forged over cooking, eating and sharing great food

When you arrive your eye will catch the bright LOCALE Market sign. This market offers an eclectic variety of local, regional and international flavors enclosed in an alluring market space. LOCALE Market is built on the idea that lifelong friendships are forged over cooking, eating and sharing great food. An ideology that is beautiful and true. As you wander through you will notice the diverse collection of different cuisines. This experience will almost feel as if you are traveling abroad in Europe. A taste of France or Italy is what I felt, enjoy this moment.

Below, is a diverse cup of tropical fruits. Each, deliciously sweet & ripe. Dragon fruit, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, honey dew melon, star fruit, and grape fruit.

On the second floor of the LOCALE Market, is where you can find this hidden gem, FarmTable Kitchen. Celebrity chef, Michael Mina’s award-winning casual restaurant and a believer that one should create balance and harmony, both in life and in cooking . Open for Lunch, Dinner and Happy Hour, I recommend making a reservation at this popular and intimate spot. Over the course of this week, this unique spot offers seasonal and fresh ingredients. Their menu is periodically refreshed with new dishes.

Are you ready for an unforgettable dining experience?

To start, I enjoyed a little slice of home. Their oysters were fresh & delicious, from Massachusetts. Each one was a taste of the sea, topped with a cucumber mint sauce. I paired these with a light & zesty ginger moscow mule. So fresh and paired perfectly with the oysters.


Next, I enjoyed their spectacular Oak-Fired Faroe Island Salmon paired with borlotti beans, white wine safron broth, fresh basil. This dish was cooked to perfection, every bite more and more delicious. The skin with perfectly crisp with a flaky texture to the fish.



And, for the finale our waitress named Carlee surprised us with one of my favorite desserts, French macaroons. Each one, airy & deliciously sweet. Espresso, Nutella, vanilla, and coconut…yum!


This was a simply amazing experience from the live acoustic music, refreshing cocktails & delicious cuisines.


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