How To Listen To Your Body

How To Listen To Your Body

When it comes to diets and healthy lifestyles, the available solutions are as widespread as the foods that are available. Many people can count at least 5 different diets off the top of their heads, but which one is the best for you? It is crazy how many different health solutions are available, it can be confusing on which one to choose. The truth is each of our bodies are different, and each person’s body has a special way through which it communicates. 

Trial and error, friends. Try out one and listen to how your body responds. Especially, when you are just beginning it is important to notice how your body feels after an unhealthy choice and a healthy one. 

By listening to your body, you can understand what it wants to eat (cravings), what is lacking from the diet, and if there are any underlying health issues that need to be addressed. Research studies suggest that our dietary choices affect the signals that our cells receive, which ultimately impacts our mood and health.

But how can you begin to listen to what your body is telling you?

Get your body back in balance

The practice of listening to your body and responding to it is what is referred to as “intuitive eating.” Intuitive eating is basically listening to your body’s hormones, monitoring your health and paying attention to your overall behavior. If you notice any changes such as hormonal imbalance, changes to your mood and the onset of various health conditions, your body is talking to you and telling you to change what you’re eating. If you truly want to live a healthy and long life, notice and respond to your body’s desires. 

To properly listen to your body, you first need to clean out the toxins that are contained in your unhealthy food choices. You will find that processed foods, fats, and foods high in sugar can deprive your body of essential nutrients and leave it out of balance. Take a look within your pantry, ensure there are nutritious food choices that will nourish your body. If you are uncertain, check the food labels. There should only be a few simple ingredients in the food you put into your body, and you should also be able to recognize what that ingredient is. 

Once you eliminate the unhealthy choices from your diet, your body will essentially reset. Your metabolism will improve, you will be able to digest food better, and your mood will also improve. This will put you in a position to carefully listen to what your body is communicating.

Common Body Signals

You may be wondering how your body will actually communicate with you. Some of the most basic body signals are feelings of hunger, lack of appetite, and food cravings. Each of which is trying to tell you something. 

Lack of appetite

Your body may talk to you by reducing your feeling of hunger. You may have no desire to eat or even the thought of eating may make you feel nauseous. A lack of appetite can be associated with lost weight or emotional factors such as anxiety, stress, or depression. Eating disorders may also lead to a lack of appetite. 

A lack of appetite may also be accompanied by feeling weak, not sleeping well, or experiencing headaches. Overall, you will not be able to perform optimally in your day-to-day activities. To resolve appetite issues, you first need to get to the underlying cause of the problem.

It is helpful to consult with your physician in order to identify any health or psychological conditions that you may be facing. You can then take steps to regain your appetite by working with a dietitian.

Constantly feeling hungry

Your body may also communicate with you by transmitting hunger signals. If you’re constantly feeling hungry, it may be due to dehydration, not receiving the essential proteins and fats that your body needs, or emotions such as stress and depression. It is important to resolve any issues that may be in your diet or lifestyle to ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients that it needs. At every meal, focus on providing your body with protein, complex carbs, fruits and vegetables. 

Listening to your body involves first regaining the proper balance that your body needs. By removing the negative foods from your diet, you can essentially cleanse the body and begin to listen to what it is telling you. Being in touch with your body will positively transform your mindset, your energy and your daily experiences. 

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