Spring Break 101: Nourishment Guide

It is almost spring break! A time to step back and enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it is spent at home reading and catching up on your favorite shows or exploring a new destination. Take time to travel, explore, and discover new things. Spend time with you and those around you! Revitalize your goals and reflect on the here and now.

Healthy Tips: Spring Break

No. 1 – Fly healthy snacks on the plane like KIND Bars, Nuts & Apples

No. 2 – Stay hydrated, bring a water bottle you will continuously fill up your bottle with h20 out of  habit

No. 3 – Do not skip meals, it’s easy to get caught up in whatever activity you are doing, but be sure to make the time to eat

No. 4 – Hit the hotel gym or go for a reflective beach run – sweat it out, you’ll feel better!

No. 5 – Wash all produce thoroughly & continuously wash your hands

No. 6 – Be mindful of when you are full

No. 7 – Practice the 80/20 live life with moderation, have fun and

No. 8 – Detox with lemon water

No. 9 – Step out of your comfort zone, expand your food palette & try something new


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