Strawberries & Cream Greek Yogurt Parfait

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Strawberries & Cream Greek Yogurt Parfait

Strawberries and bananas are a combination that have won my heart since I was five years old. I have always been in love with this combo, but when you add vanilla Greek yogurt to the mix, it is truly perfect. This parfait tastes like a dessert that might be enjoyed on the 4th of July! It is the perfect breakfast to energize you for the day ahead. This breakfast is balanced with greek yogurt, protein, fruits and whole grains.

Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Parfait



Yield 1 Serving


  1. 1/2 c. Vanilla Bean Greek Yogur
  2. 1/3 c. Granola
  3. Dash Cinnamon
  4. 1 Banana
  5. 1/3 c. Sliced Strawberries


  1. In a bowl, spoon in vanilla bean greek yogurt
  2. Next slice bananas & strawberries
  3. Top yogurt with granola, strawberries, bananas & a dash of cinnamon
  4. Enjoy!



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