Winter Park Farmer’s Market Discovery: Dessert For Breakfast

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Dessert For Breakfast – Let Me Introduce You to Nutty Crunch Granola. Saturday morning, ahhhh I awake in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. I love Winter Park, FL for so many reasons, the Farmers Market is one reason that definitely stands out. This Farmers Market is amazing, flourishing with local businesses, samples galore, fresh flower bouquets, coconut milk-based ice cream and the best granola I have ever had in my discoveries thus far.

Visiting the local Farmers Market is one of my favorite ways to explore on the weekends.

Picture this  moment:

Immersing yourself in the local community, breathing in fresh air and connecting with amazing people who are so passionate about what they do – a beautiful moment.

Not only do I love supporting local farmers and business owners, I also love learning about their passions and stories. Taking a moment to say hello and learn more with the intention of finding out why they got started and the moments that align with their present journey.

Always Be Learning

As I was walking along the line of passionate vendors, I noticed the tempting samples of crunchy granola set out on the stand of Nutty Crunch. I follow my curious heart and stop at the table, I take a moment to sample all four flavors at the stand. I know that sounds excessive…but after I tried the first, I needed to try more! As I sampled each flavor, the crunch of the fresh coconut flakes combined with the sweet honey notes and specialty ingredient made my taste buds smile.  I was sold – the crunch, healthy ingredients and energy it provided my body was so worth it.



So, you might be wondering…which flavor was your favorite? Well friends, Nutty Crunch is available in four flavors with specialty flavors that are offered around the holidays.

  1. Dark Chocolate Macaroon
  2. Cinnamon Blast
  3. Madagascar Vanilla
  4. Dark Chocolate Chip
Dark chocolate coconut macaroon is my favorite, my love for dark chocolate always wins! If you love coconut, then you have to try it. To give you an idea, it seriously tastes like a Seven Layer Bar. Packed with sweet toasted coconut flakes, big dark chocolate chips, raw honey and a premium variety of nuts and seeds. Who said dessert cannot be healthy…or eaten for breakfast?!

Nutty Crunch Ingredients


Nutty Crunch is made with high quality and minimally processed ingredients that will effectively nourish your body. The combination of the ingredients and spices used in this granola tastes amazing and will leave you with lasting energy. Nutty Crunch reduces cravings and splurges and is baked in small batches to proved you with the freshest quality granola. 

 Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut Chips


Pumpkin Seeds


Sunflower Seeds



Raw Honey

 Celtic Sea Salt

Vanilla Extract


Each of these ingredients are packed with nutrients that will nourish your mind, body and soul. These ingredients will help your body fight inflammation, leave your skin and hair glowing, boost immunity, aid with digestion and provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

For anyone with an allergy, Nutty Crunch is paleo, gluten free and soy free. Stripped of all additives and packed with whole foods. I recommend enjoying Nutty Crunch with greek yogurt, coconut milk, berries, cinnamon or by itself!

Nutty Crunch Breakfast Recipe



        Blackberry Cobbler Yogurt Parfait

  1. 1/3 Cup of Cinnamon Nutty Crunch
  2. 1 Cup of Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt
  3. 1/4 Cup of Blackberries


So, friends if you decide to try Nutty Crunch – share your creations with me – I would love to see what you can try! Tell me your Nutty Crunch experience in the comments below & share your unique recipe.
Be sure to check out their website here and discover all this delicious granola!

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