Clean Eating Tips: You Are What You Eat

A moment of self compassion can change your entire day 

-Christopher Germer

Love yourself everyday!

Today, I want to discuss the importance of nourishing your body with whole foods in order to enrich your life. A clean eating lifestyle is a personal choice you can practice in order to cultivate a healthy life filled with an eclectic variety of positive advancements that follow as a result of eating clean.


I am sure you have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” This statement has a true sense of depth! What you put in to your body is exerted as energy and promotes cell growth which is made up of molecules generated from the food that we intake. Cells are what create tissue and organs and voila – our body is up and running. Love your body and nourish it with nutrients, vitamins, & delicious ingredients. Clean eating allows you to feel great! It is not about restriction, rather eating whole foods. These whole foods will satisfy you, my recommendation for great recipes is Pinterest or Yummly. Both sites are great resources that offer a variety of delicious recipes.

Clean Eating Tips

Prevent inflammation in your body. Do you ever feel bloated? This is a body response created from processed foods, wheat, gluten, dairy & sugar. Inflammation leaves you feeling tired, fatigued & unhealthy.

Choose unprocessed foods, for example think about the ingredients in an apple in comparison to the ingredients in a pop tart. There is one ingredient in an apple & 56 ingredients in a pop tart! All of the ingredients in a pop tart are processed leaving the food with limited nutritional value. Eat foods that nourish your body with energy and notice your bodies reaction.

Snack throughout the course of your day in order to maintain energy and fight sugar cravings. The reason our bodies often crave sugar is because sugar offers quick energy & promotes the storage of fats in your body. Snack on nuts, fruits, and vegetables in order maintain energy to prevent fatigue over the course of your day. This will keep your brain focused, engaged & present.

Nourish your body with fats they are an essential part of regulating your body functions. Some vitamins need fat in order to aid your bodies ability to absorb these nutrients. Fats reduce the risk of alzheimers and prevents diabetes. Eat clean fats: salmon, olive oil, coconut oil, olives, & nuts.

Season your meals with fresh herbs and spices. Parsley, basil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, turmeric, ginger & oregano all offer wonderful health benefits and delicious flavor.

Eliminate toxins hiding in your body through choosing to eat clean. The foods we often eat are infused with a variety of chemicals. This includes fruits and vegetables due to pesticides. Help your organs detoxify your body by eating clean.

Balance and enjoy! Treat your body with care & enjoy the sweet side of life. Dark chocolate is a treat that I love to enjoy. It offers antioxidants, prevents heart disease, & never fails to leave me smiling. Chocolate also has the power to reduce stress. It is rich in minerals that are a daily essential within your diet. Lastly, it is good for the heart!

Listen & notice how your body reacts to clean eating. It will love you. You will feel increased energy, wear a healthy glow, & feel great!

Love yourself & be proud of who you are. Each day dance like no one is watching & ignite joy from within. Spread your love to those around you, sharing positively contributes to loving yourself.

I hope that reading this article brings value to you!

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