Best Tips to Empower Yourself Before Any Moment

Fall In Love With Being Uncomfortable

We live in a society that consistently presents exciting challenges. If you are continuously pushing your limits and stepping outside of your comfort zone, then you understand moments of vulnerability. I love moments like this because these moments are powerfully transformative for your mind, life and confidence. Train your mind to practice self-empowerment during moments of vulnerability. You will be ahead of the game!

Embrace the moments where you are nervous because these are the moments that will make you feel alive! Trust me, these moments are inevitable and you are lucky to experience them. The sooner you discover a positive way to empower yourself and prepare yourself for moments that make you feel nervous, the more enriched your life will be. You will be met with more opportunities, create more connections, experience increased confidence and you will be so much happier! 

Discover these tips and learn different strategies to meet nerves with strength. Here is how to avoid paralysis and practice self-empowerment to prepare you for the best experience.

Challenges are opportunities in disguise

  1. Take Deep Breaths

    Prior to the moment, take deep breaths and slow down your heart rate. Doing this will relax your mind and enable you to offer the best version of you. Drink some water and do it!

  2. Know Your Worth

    There are so many transformative and empowering benefits to defining your worth daily. The best part is you will be ready to take on any challenge after defining your worth because you take a moment to recognize the value that you are providing. Learn more about this topic here

  3. Have Positive Self-Talk

    Positive self-talk is so vital to letting go of the nerves and approaching this moment with a motivated mindset. Talk it all through and reverse those negative feels into empowered and positive vibes. Tell yourself how good you will feel after this experience. Remind yourself of the potential opportunities that this moment will lead to. You will get through this. There is no better time to begin than now. 

  4. Power Pose

    This is everything! I first learned about power posing about three and a half years ago, it has been so transformative throughout my journey ever since. Watch this video and it will change your life, trust me. 

  5. Recognize the immediate value you are providing

    Remind yourself of the value you are providing for yourself, the company, the organization, to your friend, lover, family, etc. This immediately flips this dreadful moment into a positive intention. 

  6. Believe In Yourself

    Action all begins with a belief. You have to believe in yourself and envision the best possible experience and outcome. Don’t be so hard on yourself, approach this moment with ease and focus on practicing what you preach. 

  7. Forgive Yourself

    Always, always, always forgive yourself. You can only suffer for so long, put an end to the suffering by letting it all go. Learn from this moment and be enlightened with the understanding that there will be another time to shine.

These are my best tips and tricks to empower yourself before any moment! I hope they help you to conquer any future experience. I would love to hear your favorite self-empowerment practices. Comment your favorites below. 

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