Creating A New Routine


Creating A New Routine

Take this moment to take a deep breath and reflect. Reflect upon your present lifestyle, routine & regimen. Maybe you are experiencing some down time, treasure this moment because you are one with your mind, body and soul. Or maybe you feel as if your life is a whirlwind and you are forgetting how to really live for the day and enjoy. Choose & think upon which one of these you are experiencing presently.

Give Attention to Your Intentions & Generate Results

Is your routine feeling boring or unexciting? If you’re feeling as if you are presently driving for the new and daydreaming about the exciting, then take a risk. Challenge yourself to do something that will benefit you and set your mind to it! It can be just one goal or multiple. It might feel scary and that’s because most challenges are. But remember, we are all in this together & the only one stopping you from doing, is yourself. Write down your goals and take that first step into a brand NEW experience. Modify this boring routine into an exciting adventure!


Think about an area in your life that you may be lacking confidence in. This focus will initiate your attention to this specific area of your journey, as a result you will grow.






Family or Friends






Create different challenges and begin to take the first steps towards feeling purposeful. Challenge yourself to apply to that job or internship. You never know what might happen after you submit the application. Picture yourself meeting amazing people, learning new skills, and being the best version of yourself. You are fit for the role! And even if you are not the one chosen for the job, at least you gained a new experience and run away with a lesson! From there, move forward and understand maybe that was not the job for you. Maybe it was an environment that would not have generated positive  experiences in your life. Ultimately, do not get caught up! Stay focused on feeling purposeful and try something else.

Take Action & Tap Into Your Limitless Potential

Creating a routine filled with balance is the key to living for the moment. When our calendars are filled with various tasks calling for our attention, life feels scary & frustrating rather than joyful & exciting. Sometimes, we all want what we cannot have – maybe that is a freed schedule, however when your schedule feels low-key you are alone and therefore may desire a more purposeful lifestyle. Regardless of a busy lifestyle, blissful memories can be created with an effective routine created by you.
  When your busy routine is off balance stress will generate as a result. Stress negatively impacts your mind as well as those around you (your relationships). When you are feeling stressed out by your routine, work on shifting your mind’s energy to those moments that generate pure bliss for you. It can be as simple as the idea of a sunset or your favorite song. Focus your mind’s energy on those moments and shift your attention away from those negative thoughts. Once your mind feels content remind yourself about the amazing opportunity that you are acting upon and the purposeful lifestyle that you are so lucky to have!     When thinking about a routine that works for you, implement priorities that align your mind, body & soul. What does this mean? Creating priorities that focus on mind, body & soul allows you to enjoy life, regardless of your hectic schedule. You are focus on making decisions that lead to increased happiness from within. This process requires you to be in touch with what makes you happy. When we feel great about ourselves, we are unintentionally undergoing the process of alignment. Being active frees your mind in order to generate a healthy lifestyle. Wake up and be grateful for the day! Reflect upon each task at hand and be engaged. Within your routine, allow time for those hobbies & experiences that generate pure bliss within life. Is that time with friends, exercise, running, painting, a walk on the beach, yoga, cooking, golf, football, reading? Whatever it is, prioritize a time slot for this experience each day.

Cultivate Your Own Garden

Bringing about happiness and truly enjoying your life is so important. For example, I love cooking & creating new recipes, so over the course of a busy week I enjoy cooking at least two meals a day in order to generate happiness within my own routine. Time management is a key factor to creating an effective routine. No matter how busy my week is, I do whatever it takes to make sure I have time to create my meals. If that means meal prepping, then I make sure to manage my time effectively because I know that when it is time to enjoy my meal, I will be so happy I made time to cook! I also love spending time & enjoying life with friends so over the course of a busy schedule, I enjoy creating weekly traditions. Maybe that is, Tuesday movie nights or Thursday night dinner soirées! I look forward to these blissful moments during my day which motivates me to work harder. And those are the moments that I feels so alive.

Discover Your Passions & Run With Them

Creating a work-life balance is an important priority to focus on. Without a balance, we become accustomed to this schedule & forget how to really LIVE life. We all experience busy schedules over the course of our journey. Sometimes this schedule is temporary and other times it is long-term. The key during these busy times is to enjoy it, love it & embrace it. Continue adding new chapters to your story book. Make so many connections & be the person you would enjoy meeting. These chapters are created from the actions you decide to take! Smile brightly & begin now.
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