The Daily Happiness Practice

Happiness is a personal journey that exists within all of us. The gift of happiness is not discovered in the outside world, you must find it within your soul. Along your happiness journey, remember to be mindful of your passions because these help you attain these moments. Every morning is a new beginning and you have two powerful choices you must make and within a few seconds of waking…this choice is made.
  • Choice No. One – choose to wake up with gratitude, ambition and enthusiasm for the day
  • Choice No. Two – choose to lay in bed, cranky, tired and dreadful for the day that follows
These choices are seriously powerful moments because this ONE choice that you make every morning impacts the events that lie ahead of you for the day to follow.

Challenge Yourself to Rise with Ambition Every Morning

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Waking up with a positive mindset will transform the actions you take. This practice requires a consistent personal choice every morning and no one can make it for you, but you. Rising every morning with an intentional mindset is worth doing because it will powerfully transform your life, your experiences, your health and the connections you create. When you habitually rise with an ambitious and grateful mental state you discover a sustainable lifestyle that cultivates daily happiness as a result of your accomplishments.

A beautiful mindset consistently cultivates a beautiful life

Take this moment to reflect: Think about a productive day where you felt on top of the world. How did you begin your day and what steps led you to accomplishing each task? (write it down)
Everyone’s definition of a productive day is different. For me, when I think of a day where I am on top of the world, then it usually includes an early alarm followed by a workout or run outside to energize my mind. From there, I follow my morning routine and prepare for an engaged day ahead. I challenge myself to be engaged and present in every moment, even if it feels as if I am dreading it. I will rise above and just do it. When I am presently engaged in these moments and I rise above uncertainty, the outcome is always an unexpected surprise! Ultimately, I challenge myself,  follow through and show up. 

Engagement Ignites Fire Results

After you practice awakening with an ambitious attitude, check in with yourself. If the intention is there, then you have accomplished step one. The next step is to ensure you are following through. This moment is a form of, practicing what you preach – it’s easy to set the intention, the challenging part is doing. Follow through because massive action leads to progress and progress generates happiness.


When you empower yourself to follow through, then your life is consistently enriched

Key take away from this read:

No. 1 – Choose to wake up with a positive attitude every morning

No. 2 – Be grateful you are alive

No. 3 – Rise & shine

No. 4 – Notice the actions, connections & moments that cultivate

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