Defining Your Worth Daily Ignites Happiness

Picture This:

It’s another early morning in the office…you are feeling exhausted but trying your best to fight through the fatigue. You’ve had breakfast, water, coffee, but nothing is igniting a fire of energy in your soul. Well I have something that might or might not work for you, but hey it’s worth a shot! Knowing your worth…

{Self-Worth} – An awareness of one’s value & purpose discovered from within

Take a moment to redefine your self-worth daily. It will positively compliment your day by training your mind to focus on the intention of how you want to live your life.
For many of us, writing down goals is a way to temporarily reflect and check-in with ourselves. It is a moment to think about where you are presently in your journey and what chapter you want to begin next. Creating goals is a positive life habit that will generate consistent personal growth.

During this moment of reflection, how do you feel?

Reflection increases self-awareness, allowing you to focus purely on your happiness. During this process you are able to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. You think about your priorities and what is most important to you right now. Also, your focus on what you want in life is clear and concise. Ultimately, happiness generates from within because you have taken a moment to define your worth and you are focused on loving and caring for yourself

Taking a moment each day to define your worth is a habit that positively compliments your life for many reasons.

Top Four Reasons To Define Your Worth Daily

  1. Happiness – Ignites a focus on your personal happiness – you remind yourself of your purpose and this inspires you to consistently provide value to yourself and to those around you.
  2. Energy – Knowing your worth ignites a passionate energy within. This energy inspires you to be the best that you can be. You will experience increased productivity.
  3. Alignment – Empowers you to change something that does not feel right because you are self-aware of your worth and the value in which you bring to the table – don’t settle for less. 
  4. Intention – Generates a focus (attention) to your goal (intention) allowing you to be the best version of yourself and continuously grow – can’t stop, won’t stop. No one wants to plateau!

Defining your worth daily will compliment your journey and bring greater value to your life

I recently began a new job, that I am so grateful for. The opportunities are endless, the people I work with inspire me and I am learning new skills each day.

After finishing off the first week strong, I reflected over the weekend about my experience thus far. Something did not feel right, I knew I was out of balance. My schedule was full, there are other goals I presently have that require my full attention each week. This is why I knew I needed to make a changed and it is up to me to take action. 

The following Monday, I went into work and was prepared to ask for this schedule change. I felt empowered, I power-posed in the mirror before heading into work, I was prepared to communicate my desires.

Then…when I arrived to work that morning there was a switch in my energy. I was nervous, uncertain and I felt bad for asking. There was a lack in my self-worth and I began justifying to myself that I should be grateful for the hours I had, accepting what the schedule for what it is. I was scared to ask my boss, straight up

Next, I went through my morning office routine that prepares me to be the best that I can be each day: I reviewed my personal goals, my career goals and reflected on my gratitude. I knew I was out of balance and that this was something I really wanted. 

Over-analysis leads to paralysis

After reviewing my personal goals and career goals, I held myself accountable. I said to myself, Carly you are not in alignment with what you want and you know this schedule is generating stress, you are an asset to this team, there is no harm in asking. Each day, I arrive prepared to seize the day and be the best version of myself. I challenge myself to learn and execute. I am present and grateful for the experience.

Regardless of the outcome, I was content. Ultimately, I will grow from this experience by empowering myself for going after what I want. Then, it all clicked! 

What comes next?

I did it! I took a deep breath and walked confidently into the room and proposed to my general manager, “I want to runs something by you. Is it possible to work half days each Friday?” I was straight to the point, my intention was set and I communicated my desire. 

Remember: the best is yet to come

My manager looked up with a smile and said, Carly that is absolutely possible and find by me! The conversation quickly evolved and ignited new opportunities within my position at this job that I did not expect. 

Moral of the story…defining your self-worth daily positively compliments your journey. This habit will increase happiness, energy and has the power to create new opportunities! You are the creator of your life, take massive action & design a life you love. 

Challenges are opportunities in disguise

Be Empowered, Be Aware & Feel Alive 

| TheEmpowerist

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