Discovering Passionate Individuals: Created For milleniGALs by a milleniGAL


Discovering Passionate Individuals: Created For milleniGALs by a milleniGAL

Passion is the energy that makes things worth doing – the birthplace of new ideas.

There is something about passion that ignites a fire in one’s soul. I love the energy you can see on an individual when they are speaking about something they are passionate about. It is a fiery energy that can possess a mix of emotions including: happiness, devotion, commitment, love, excitement, joy, energy, spirit, and dedication. Each of these emotions cultivates a pure and authentic piece of an individual, allowing them to fully embrace who they are. Right now, in this moment…PAUSE. What ignites passion in your soul? Write it down and do more of this, you will be happy. If you are uncertain, focus on curiosity and explore this because moments of curiosity happen every day. Exploring these moments on a deeper level can lead to surprise passions…something big.

“I think it’s beautiful, the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love”

Recently, we connected with Scarlet Keolanui, the founder of milleniGAL. Based out of San Diego, California – milleniGAL is a positive platform for passionate, like-minded women to connect and discover fashion, beauty, travel, career and everything in between. Early on, Scarlet discovered her passion for writing and is pursuing this passion through milleniGAL. I love everything about this brand because milleniGAL believes in approaching life with a unique mindset: Collaboration Over Competition. Women empowering other women is very important in the millennial generation, let’s connect and work together, rather than against each other because positivity always wins.I love following along TSC journey, I learn about anything and everything through Lauryn’s online foundation. I have connected with incredible and passionate women from around the world through Lauryn’s foundation. Learn more about Lauryn’s story I love following along milleniGAL, I learn about anything and everything through Scarlet’s platform. Learn more about Scarlet here. Below is my interview with Scarlet, we chat about passions, millennials, interview advice, travels and more. Enjoy! Yoga Pants: Pi Yoga Pants

Interview: Scarlet Creator of milleniGAL

No.1 – Who is Scarlet & which personal traits helped define your journey?

I’ve always been obsessed with writing which makes sense why I am blogging and it’s why I am so passionate about it. I joke that once I learned how to hold a pencil in my hands, I couldn’t put it down but it is so true (except now it’s more of using a keyboard!). Before my marketing/writing career, I worked a lot in retail, the longest being at Nordstrom. For most of my retail life, I worked as a makeup artist/skin care specialist. I worked for several companies such as MAC, La Mer, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and others. During my time in retail and as a makeup artist, I learned so much about beauty and fashion and have developed/discovered so many inside tips and tricks of the trade which I incorporate into the content for milleniGAL. Sometimes working in retail, especially in a female dominated department such as beauty felt almost like working in a real life Mean Girls situation. This was nothing new to me, I’m not embarrassed to say I had several encounters with real life mean girls growing up. These experiences, both in retail and growing up really shaped me to want to be an ally for other girls. I’m all about building each other up rather than tearing each other down. I compliment girls, I share beauty tips, I share stories of my experiences with other girls that may help them get through what they’re going through — because it should be about collaboration over competition (I saw the phrase collaboration over competition on Pinterest and am obsessed and I hear it all over now but wish I knew who to give credit to) and I think so many times we tend to forget the importance of female allies. I’ve never been the type of girl who won’t tell a friend about let’s an amazing under eye concealer that they too would love/benefit from just because I want to be the only one to benefit from it. I’ve also never been the girl who won’t tell someone where they got their cute shoes because I’m the girl who would prefer to tell someone where they can buy them AND that they were on sale. So I say, sharing is caring 🙂 I think that’s why I love milleniGAL, because it gives me a platform to share so many amazing things with other young women. I definitely believe that my experiences with ‘mean girls’ has defined my journey and has made me want to create milleniGAL so that it’s a positive space for other girls and myself alike. 
No. 2 – What traits do you feel represent the millennial generation?
So funny that you ask this because I was just thinking about how unique the millennial generation is. Not just because I am a millennial myself, but I think millennials are game changers and trailblazers. We are defining history right now—shaking things up and it is so exciting to be part of this generation. I know millennials sometimes get a bad reputation for being lazy, bad employees or whatever else they want to blame millennials for but I think it’s because millennials can’t and won’t settle for mediocrity. We want to find that perfect job or better yet create that perfect job/company. I think millennials are incredibly creative and are game changers in so many different ways. I can’t think of a day where I don’t read or hear another headline that ‘blames’ or ‘thanks’ millennials for one thing or another and I think it’s because millennials want to see a change and want to make a difference in this world.
With that being said, I also think that millennials are really misunderstood and I think it’s because we are such a complex generation. We’ve experienced so much change in our life spans from the rise of technology to global changes that it makes us a very complex but passionate generation. Being a millennial is obviously a large part of my life so much so that I incorporated millennial into my blog name and even made my logo color a shade of millennial pink 😉
No. 3 – What is the mission behind milleniGAL? 
The mission behind milleniGAL is so much more than a blog and an Instagram. I created milleniGAL to create a community and a platform for young women. I’m such a firm believer in women empowering women and I think that’s what milleniGAL is all about. Whether it’s empowering women by making them feel more beautiful by sharing a beauty tip or empowering women by creating a sisterhood where we can support one another. Again, I bring up the Pinterest quote ‘collaboration over competition’ and I think that is what milleniGAL is about. I want to use what I learned as a makeup artist to help women feel beautiful. I want to use my travels to encourage women to explore the world. I want to use my experiences with girls being mean girls to be a reminder to others that we need to be nice and kind to each other. I want milleniGAL to be a space where we speak words of praise to one another and support each other.
No. 4 – Tell us your best advice for someone who gets nervous before an interview?
Do your research and be prepared. No matter what type of interview it is, there is always some sort of research that will help you be prepared and feel empowered when the interview begins. I find that writing things down that I feel are important before an interview helps me because it makes me feel confident going into the interview. 
No. 5 – Are you currently listening to any podcasts? What ones do you recommend?
Right now, I am listening to a bunch of podcasts from Gary Vee, The Skinny Confidential,  to Being Boss. I would highly recommend listening NPR’s Up First. It’s a news podcast that sums up the day’s news in about 15 mins. It is especially good for those of us who are constantly busy or always on the go. I appreciate the unbiased opinion and simple delivery of important news. I think it’s really empowering to be knowledgeable of what’s going on in our society and to stay on top of current events. I recently had to reduce the amount of news I was watching on tv because I noticed how much it was affecting my mood and outlook so this is a great way for me to stay informed and stay positive.
No. 6 – What role do your passions play in your life?
My passions play a huge role in my life! Both my career plans and blog revolve around my passions. I am passionate about writing, beauty, traveling and supporting other women and all of those passions are a big part of my blog. 
No. 7- Where is somewhere you traveled to this past year? Is there a restaurant or experience you recommend visiting? 
Yes! Just this summer I went on an incredible trip to Europe. My boyfriend and I went to Paris and then we met friends in Scotland and Ireland. Paris is of course magical, romantic, and amazing (and I definitely fell in love with the city!) but if I had to choose a unique experience to share, I would recommend visiting the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. It was so surreal to stand on top of the cliffs, look down at the ocean and around to see the other cliffs. The cliffs, the view and the ocean itself were majestic and you feel so little standing amongst it all. It’s a good feeling to feel so little amongst a natural wonder like that, it’s definitely a humbling experience. 
Cliffs of Moher
No. 8 – Tell us your favorite quote right now
I’m actually looking at it as we speak! It was a gift from my grandmother a few Christmases back and it holds extra sentimental value because she passed a few months ago and is a quote that keeps me going. I was very close to her so this frame and quote is almost like a daily reminder from her. She must have known how these words would ring true to me and how special they would be because I look at it every day and am reminded of my goals and my vision. It says: “She wasn’t where she had been. She wasn’t where she was going…but she was on her way.” I love it because it could not be more true for me and for so many 20 something-year-old women who are trying to make their mark on this world and lead a meaningful life.
No. 9 – Who or what keeps you inspired?
My younger brother keeps me inspired on a daily basis. He lost his vision at the young age of nine due to a genetic disease called LHON and it has been so incredibly inspiring to watch him persevere through life despite the obstacles he faces every single day of his life. His positivity, love of life and determination is really inspiring to me and those around him. When I start feeling discouraged, I remind myself of the struggles he faces daily.
No. 10 -What kind of viewers will be most interested in milleniGAL?
I think anyone that identifies with the lifestyle of a millennial woman would be interested in milleniGAL. Anyone that is looking for a positive community where I discuss everything from beauty, travel and more serious things like confidence. I recently posted an Instagram post about how women tend to flood their sentences with words of apology when compared to men. The post talked about how we as  women need to stop apologizing when we don’t need to because we should be more confident (which is waaaay easier said than done!) and I got such an amazing response from women around the world thanking me for the reminder or women saying that they too are working on apologizing less. It was so great to connect with other women and to provide a space where women could see that they’re not the only ones struggling with something. 

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