The Essence of Taking Massive Action and Igniting a Continuous Momentum

Grow Through What You Go Through

Think…for a moment about how you feel when you experience moments of challenge and rise above them. That moment where you can say to yourself, “I did it!” This friends, is the essence of igniting a progressive movement within your journey. We are all striving to feel alive, the key is taking MASSIVE action to build your life. Action that will create the unexpected and lead you to feel presently surprised with moments and experiences you never saw coming your way.

Taking massive action will require self-empowerment because it challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone, feel temporarily uncertain about an outcome, show up, and be engaged. But, why is it worth it? It is beyond worth it because taking massive action is the building block of the creation process of your life. The outcome is the creation of infinite connections, self-growth, purpose, happiness, and value.

Once you ignite this movement the key is momentum, keep on going you are on the road to consistent enrichment and life is exciting. This is an energy that ignites the liveliness within your life.


The hardest part of taking action is execution. Execution is difficult because it requires a moment of temporary discomfort. Sometimes, we have this idealized blueprint of how life “should be going.” Why? Because this blueprint generates certainty during moments of uncertainty. Little do we know, these moments of uncertainty can be our greatest gifts in life. The key is driving through them as if you are in the drivers seat of your dream car, just own it. Keep this momentum going by challenging yourself. Create goals each and everyday by setting Today’s Intentions. Write it all down, what do YOU want to accomplish today? What do you want to do differently? Set the intention, attend to it, and create it.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!


When you ignite this momentum, you will begin to enrich your journey with exciting moments. Connections generate, your mindset grows and life is continuously thrilling. These moments are all created by you, a result of stepping outside of your comfort zone, being engaged and showing up. The challenge at this point in the process is not settling. At this moment, it is so easy to settle because we feel temporarily fulfilled. But remember, your time here is not over – you still have so much value to offer others! Adopt an always be learning mentality and you will grow infinitely in all different directions. Our potential is limitless, but if we do not tap into it, our liveliness will begin to fade and life will become very uninteresting very quickly. So enjoy the moment, celebrate it, and keep on going!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone keeps life consistently interesting. 


YES, your massive action is working and your life is thriving! You have discovered outlets that generate sustainable happiness from within during times of challenge. You discover the gift of consistency therefore, this momentum of continuous creation is continuous! At this point, you know that this process requires a deep level of self-awareness, accepting moments of feeling off and powering through these testing time.

Learning and understanding the essence and creation process of taking massive action will allow you to live an extraordinary life.

| TheEmpowerist

Please share this with anyone who may benefit from this, it is an important process that is worth while for us all to understand sooner in this life than later. 

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