New Year, New You: The Tools and Foundations of Clean Eating

The Foundations of Nutrition Empowerment

Happy New Years Eve! Tomorrow I will be releasing an ebook that will change your mindset and approach to nutrition, it’s sustainable for years to come! This guide will complement your health goals and open your eyes to the world of clean eating. When many of us approach eating healthy, we fear it. We focus on deprivation and restrictions rather than discovering a true, enjoyable long-term solution (at least, I’ve been there)! After years of trying diets, recommendations, restricting and different lifestyles I discovered an approach that works. Throughout the process of discovering a nutritious lifestyle, I cultivated a step-by-step guide that will aid you with discovering your version of balance with nourishing your body.

Health Is Your Greatest Wealth

Nutrition is so important for long-term personal health and wellness. If you want to live a long, beautiful life and minimize your risk disease focus on effective nourishment. I have heard of so many incredible stories that began with a diagnosis of disease and dissolved quickly into a positive (unexpected) outcome as a result of eating healthy for many years of their life.

The power of making health a priority is limitless and a true, true form of self-love. The results: incredible. I experienced increased energy, positivity, confidence, organization and happiness. And now, I want to help other’s discover a positive, enriched relationship with food and their bodies. Before I was the age of 18, I never focused on nutrition. I always worked out and made exercise a priority, but I definitely splurged on the regular and was not feeling great physically or mentally. You can read more about my nutrition journey here in my interview with Wellness Expert Nikki Sharp.  It was not until I went off to college, that I believed it was time to step into the drivers seat and commit to nourishing my body right!

Nourishment Was The Final Step to Discovering Balance

Nourishing my body was always on the back seat. It was not until I was 18 years old that I began prioritizing and educating myself on nutrition. I can tell you, I am so so happy I did! It’s normal to not have a true understanding about nutrition because it’s something that is not taught in grade school. At first, I did all the research I could. I tried out different things, some approaches worked and others did not. That’s why I created The Foundations of Nutrition Empowerment. After years of research, trying new things, pursing an AASDN Certification and creating balanced recipes, I am ready to help expedite your nutrition journey! The Foundations of Nutrition Empowerment outlines the exact steps you can practice, to discover your version of balance with food. It’s a customizable plan that will build self-awareness and empower you to fall in love with nourishing your body all by listening to how you feel. This is a true sustainable approach to nourishing your body right, experiencing results and falling in love with clean eating. Eating clean, beautiful and flavorful meals is a true form of self-love.

The Foundations of Eating Clean


Create Healthy Habits Not Restrictions 

The essence of clean eating begins with a mindful, self-aware approach to nourishing your body. Clean eating empowers us to eat cleaner meals and builds personal awareness about where our food comes from and its’ effects on the body. Eating clean emphasizes choosing to consume whole foods rather than processed foods that are high in sugar. This approach to eating positively impacts our health by focusing on  foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  If you’re someone who is searching for a long-term, sustainable approach, then clean eating is a great approach to achieving your health goals and feeling amazing! Clean eating does not require calorie counting or any restrictions. It aims to empower you to fully enjoy each meal, and have gratitude for the foods that you nourish your body with.

This approach to eating healthy totally reverse engineers the typical mindset, healthy is boring. Healthy eating is spectacular! It’s all about which healthy choices you make and taking time to educate yourself on which foods will optimize and fuel your body. As well as making balance a priority. Restricting is not a healthy approach to clean eating, enjoy moments, celebrate events, and bounce right back. This is the foundation of allowing clean eating to be consistent for the long-term.

Visit Farmers Markets and Shop Clean

Google when your community hosts farmers markets. Farmers markets provide you with local and affordable produce that was grown near you rather than being shipped across the world. While you are traveling or on a road trip, research and see if there are any farmers markets. At the grocery store, practice mindfulness and choose wisely what you are purchasing.

Review nutrition labels, sometimes there are hidden sugars we would not expect.  Those healthy protein bars we love and believe are healthy are often packed with sugar. If you are unable to recognize the ingredients listed, it probably means that the ingredients will be harder to digest. Focus on minimal ingredients and unprocessed foods. And understand hidden sugars that can often be found in greek yogurt, pasta sauce, BBQ, oatmeal and a variety of other foods.

Eat Cleaner Meals

While creating a meal or snack, focus on counting colors not calories. How many colorful fruits and vegetables appear in your meal? Remind yourself, that each different color within a fruit or vegetable can provide you with a variety of different nutrients. Each nutrient generates powerful effects on your body including clearer vision, healthier hair, stronger bones, etc. Diets that are high in fruits and vegetables have been shown to decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Experiment different cooking methods with vegetables. I highly recommend sautéing, baking, grilling or steaming. Flavor with extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic and a little Himalayan sea salt. Another favorite, is grilled egg plant with cumin…random but so good and clean.

Cook Mindfully

When you begin eating clean, start with building an awareness of small substitutions. Choose quinoa or brown rice over white rice. Enjoy vegetable noodles, whole wheat or quinoa based pasta over white pasta. And choose to cook your meals during the majority of the week because you know what you are putting into your food. Avoid deep friend meals and replace with balanced meals that include protein, complex carbs, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. While cooking choose olive oil over butter or vegetable oil. And experiment with different herbs, spices and flavors.

Practice Balance With Meat

Make meat more special rather than consuming at every meal. Meat can be expensive and is sometimes high in saturated fat. Allow yourself to consume it as much or as little as you wish. I love enjoying meat once per day, either lunch or dinner. It saves money and allows your to look forward to it more. As a rule of thumb, be aware that one serving size of meat is about the size of your palm.


Practice Balance Throughout Your Clean Eating Journey

Balance is key to making clean eating a complete lifestyle change. If we restrict in our approach to eating clean meals, we will not experience a sustainable approach to nourishment. Throughout the week, strive to practice the 80/20. This balanced approach believes that if 80% of our food choices are healthy and 20% is left for treats, we will be able to sustain and enjoy the clean eating lifestyle. At another glance, this may be that we consume around 20 meals per week, there are 4 moments where we can have some fun! This doesn’t mean go all out, have donuts for breakfast, cookies for snacks, burgers and fries for lunch an pizza/mozzarella sticks for dinner. It focuses on empowering you to choose to fully enjoy something you love. Maybe that’s a slice of pie at your family Christmas party or brunch with friends. As soon as you have enjoyed your treat, bounce right back to clean eating.

As we enter a brand New Year, I wish you much success in all of your endeavors! Always remember that with tenacity and a lot of hard work, anything is possible. Set your goals, create an intention and go get it! Thank yo for your time, your support and for reading this post <3 

The Foundations of Nutrition Empowerment ebook is now 3 years in the making and I am so excited to be releasing it on both Amazon Kindle and iBooks – available on January, 1st 2018! 10% of all proceeds from each book sold will be donated to the GlobalGiving foundation to help those in need that were affected by Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey. Cheers to leaving a positive impact on society!

Enjoy your New Year and get ready because 2018 is going to be an incredible year, opportunities are limitless.

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