Gratitude Is A Powerfully Transformative Habit

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

Paying attention to your gratitude daily has power to positively transform your life. Beginning everyday with reminding yourself exactly what you are grateful for in that moment, ignites a positive mindset for the day to follow. As soon as you wake up and your mind is active, think about what it is that you have gratitude for.

Practicing your gratitude daily, positively transforms your mindset everyday of your life. About three years ago, I began doing this and it was amazing to see how much happier I was. Rather than just going through the motions of each day, I was offered a lightened up perspective each morning. Also, writing my gratitude empowered me to avoid many small conflicts, that I would have engaged had I not reminded myself the small things I was grateful for. 

Conflicts are always going to be inevitable, interrupt future conflicts with gratitude.

How To Add Gratitude to Your Routine

Like anything, it takes a few weeks of consistent practice before gratitude becomes part of your daily routine. To begin practicing, you have to be committed to it. When you first write down your gratitude, find somewhere that works for you and your daily routine.

At first, I began writing my gratitude in my  Notes application on my smart phone. This worked for sometime, but then I realized I felt it did not stick to me. Next, I started writing it in a new journal I purchased. I really liked the journal because it would keep me consistent with writing and reflecting in my journal and I enjoyed how journaling and gratitude writing complemented each other. I did this for a long time, but my schedule evolved and it no longer worked for my schedule.

Now, what I found really works is opening a sticky note on my desktop that reads in bold Today’s Gratitude: – I have been loving doing it this way for two reasons. The first thing that I typically do after making breakfast is open my computer and check my email. Well, upon logging into my user account, the bold gratitude note stands out and I am immediately reminded to write it down. Second, I love that during the day when I am working on my computer, I am consistently reminded about the good that I am so grateful for in my life. It leads to so many smiling moments throughout my day… 

Benefits Experienced After Writing Down Gratitude Daily

There are so many transformative benefits that really stand out after writing down your gratitude daily. These benefits are different for everyone, but let me share a few that I have experienced. 

  1. Increased happiness
  2. Greater level of self-awareness
  3. Stronger compassion for others
  4. Strengthened perspective
  5. Greater contentment for what you do have
  6. More positive relationships
  7. Positive mindset
  8. Increased engagement throughout the day
  9. Feelings of relief
  10. Increased motivation
  11. Deeper understanding about where you are and where you want to be

Make writing down your gratitude a priority, you will not regret it. Stay as consistent with it as you possibly can, and if you forget one morning, no worries when you remember write it down immediately. I wanted to share this because it has truly transformed my life, my relationships and my happiness. 

I hope that reading this article inspires you to live life passionately.

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