How To Ignite Energy When You Feel Exhausted

Do you ever wake up and just feel absolutely exhausted?

Finding a few solutions to manage this fatigue is so important to optimize your energy for the day to follow. Sometimes, extreme fatigue happens to me, that’s why I want to share with you the best tips to fight the fatigue. Recently, I woke up at 7:00 a.m. and remembered I had a scary nightmare. My mind felt nervous, scared, relieved and also happy because it’s a new day to begin again. Over the course of the morning, I consistently felt exhausted. Feeling exhausted after a full night’s rest or after a bad rest is never fun. You can be exhausted for a variety of reasons: stress, eating habits, went to sleep too late, running mind, not enough sleep, etc. Even after a full night’s rest (8 hours), I sometimes feel absolutely exhausted. I try to reverse my mindset and meet this moment with gratitude…but sometimes it just does not work. 

Change Something In Your Life

Discovering a daily routine that complements your goals is the key to success. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. If you are experiencing consistent morning exhaustion throughout the course of your week, take a step back and look a little deeper. There might be something that is going on in your life that is generating this exhaustion. In my journey, I have discovered a few key areas that can cause extreme fatigue. 

No. 1 – You’re focused on the end result

Focusing on the end result causes stress, angst and negativity. Until you learn how to enjoy the process, you will never be able to reach your goal. Focus your mind on taking the micro-steps. Small daily steps lead to macro-results. Enjoy the process, every step of the way. When you fall in love with the process, you will stay consistently motivated and wake up earlier!

No. 2 – You work hard, not efficient

Purpose and significance are what make us feel alive! Some days are filled with tedious tasks that can feel absolutely endless. Instead of going through the motions of everyday, prioritize variety. Each morning, write down your intentions and let them motivate you. These intentions might include: being engaged in my sales meeting, sending out emails that provide value, and getting to my evening workout. Living life productively will generate natural energy. Align your actions with your goals and just do it!

No. 3 – You don’t write down your goals

Creating a better, happier, more energized version of you can only happen with a set of goals. Studies show that that when we write down our goals, we’re more likely to achieve them. Everyone is offered a limitless potential in their life. Time is our only limit, take consistent and massive action to tap into your limitless potential. Write down your goals, make new ones and check in with them multiple times over the course of each week. Sometimes, I forget to write my goals down and immediately my life feels off. I forget my purpose and lose my momentum. I am most energized and productive when I have a set of goals that challenge me to be my best. 

No. 4 – You forget to prioritize you

This happens all the time! We begin to see school, work, and relationships as the number one priority. When in reality, your mind needs to be your number one priority. If you do not prioritize self-care you will not be able to be the best version of you. It may work for the short-term, but life is a long-term game. You will burn out. Everyday find ways to nourish your mind, body and soul. Exercise your body, meditate your mind, go for a walk, reflect and enjoy this life. 

We have to try a variety of different methods to see what complements our mind’s energy. Some days, I wake up and I only experience temporary fatigue. Water and breakfast will do the trick, it is always the perfect solution. And other days, I have water, followed by a nourishing breakfast, and my head feels so heavy. Not hungover heavy, almost like a brain fog heavy. My eyes are dry and feel as if they could close any second. My head feels so heavy and my muscles feel fatigued. At this moment in time, all I want is my bed. This is the type of exhaustion I want to help you fight going forward. 

A Few Tips to Fight Extreme Fatigue

Don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Every day is a brand new opportunity to begin again. Waking up, feeling fatigued does not complement your happiness. But, if you find ways to manage this exhaustion, you will be much happier! And you will make the most of everyday. 

“Until you take action to live your best lifestyle, you will survive instead of thrive”

Everyone has a different schedule, and some days are busier than others. I have experienced extreme exhaustion during my full-time office job. If you ever experience extreme fatigue, here are a few tips. I recommend using a variety of these tips that work for your schedule. 

  1. Washing My Face

  2. Warm Lemon Water

  3. Nourishing Breakfast

  4. Coffee/Tea

  5. Write Down Intentions/Gratitude

  6. Deep Breaths

  7. Go For A Walk

  8. Make A To-Do List

  9. Change Up Your Working Location

  10. Take A Yoga Class

  11. Go To The Gym

  12. Meal Prep

  13. Run Outside

  14. Listen To A Podcast

If these tips do not work, you may be experiencing a burn out. If you’re burnt out, it is okay and it is temporary. I recommend prioritizing relaxation and self-care. Your mind needs rest, let the rest motivate you to get back where you want to be. You deserve to live your best life, you deserve to thrive and you have so much value to offer this world. Begin today by choosing to make feeling good a priority and everything around you will flow.

I hope that reading this article inspires you!

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