Investments Cultivate Beauty

A photo by Julia Janeta.

Good Morning!

Happy Friday I hope your week has been filled with intention, interesting moments, challenges, lessons, and pleasure.

I have been so busy in such a fabulous way! Recently, I began the role as Coordinator of the FOODs program for LiveWell UT. This initiative encompasses my passions and is best described as serendipity.

I reached out, expressed my interest in getting involved and voila! I fell into this position – it filled me with pure pleasure. Now I strive to promote healthy, balanced living while empowering & educating students about nutrition for their bodies. And, on my very own campus. The campus I dreamed of beginning a new life filled with adventure, just two years ago. And if it had not been for taking action and reaching out – I would not be here!

The most beautiful aspect about this new position is day by day I meet like-minded individuals on a mission to unite this important global connection. We also organize cooking classes, discuss our journeys, and all connect through the appreciation for good health and great food. For this, I am truly filled with gratitude.

Today, I wanted to discuss investments. Investing is an aspect of our daily life. What book do I want to read? Where should I buy a new blouse? What perfume shall I spray? Should I send a thank you card? What would I like for dinner? Which wallet suits me?

All of these questions are ultimately investments. And notice, investments in You! So, I advise you to ask yourself the intention behind your investment.

You are the most important investment. When You invest in yourself, you become a better you, your alignment is clarified, and your perspective is polished and aware. Create beauty in your life by finding a place where you can grow You. Take action to cultivate yourself and think about how your mind evolves when you begin investing in yourself. Think about the lessons involved, ask yourself – will this change my life? Will it make me feel unique and purposeful.

Throughout my adventures it seems quality over quantity is a nice focus. It is true, we only live once. So let’s treat ourselves with compassion and invest in both tangible and intangible elements that:

  1. Represent You
  2. Nurture You
  3. Give You Purpose
  4. Allow You to Feel Alive
  5. Educate You
  6. Give Back With Intention


Each day I wake up and enjoy wearing a wardrobe that allows me to be purposeful. This way, my day begins with a focus on intention. From there, I prepare a cup of coffee, enjoy a balanced breakfast to kick start my bodily functions – I am ready! My day flows smoothly because my mind is focused on a positive experience.

You will attract your desires by investing in You daily. Invest in the perfume that You believe is beautiful and represents your nature.

Investing in You will clarify your purpose.


Mumford Sons

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