The Power of the Hour by Hour Strategy

Picture this: you have been going, going, going. You have no time to cook at home, no time to sleep or even think. The week begins to wrap up and you end up with a cold or feel beyond fatigued. You have run yourself to the ground and you are sick. Listening to your body is key to preventing crashes like this situation and a valuable form of self love. The hour by hour strategy will transform your life. Especially if you feel as if you are on fast forward.

When you are ambitious to live life purposefully, now and again you will undergo moments of high stress. The week flies by and as you reflect back, it is hard to even remember what happened, conversations that you had, and so on. The weekend ends…it felt too short and then you begin to fear the week ahead of you – causing paralysis. In order to conquer a busy schedule, goal, or dream – discovering an approach that is made up of small and consistent steps is key to staying on track. We must embrace the journey in order to see the light and rise above! 

The things that excite you are connected to your purpose, follow them

There is no doubt that our world is task-oriented and filled with deadlines. Do you find yourself on a motivated path, driven by curiosity to discover your limitless potential? Keep on this path of momentum and allow your passions to focus on betterment for both yourself and for society. You bring so much value to this world and to those around you, you are different and it is beautiful. 

You cannot lead a brave life without disappointing some people

When your schedule begins to feel unbearable, remain self-aware. This increase in awareness will prevent you from over-doing it and you will discover joy rather than dread! Review your schedule, is there anything on there that you said yes to that maybe you should say no to? Setting boundaries is vital, especially as more and more opportunities present themselves. Remember it is okay to say no! There is no need to please everyone and besides we are all going to disappoint someone at some point! But, just remember, the only person we will disappoint are those who had an agenda set for us that did not align with our own. Remember, that YOU are enough and it’s okay to say no.

Curiosity fuels opportunity

Creating an enriched life filled with continuous personal discovery is both challenging and purposeful. Adopting an always be learning mindset keeps life interesting because your journey is filled with new experiences and limitless growth. Enjoy the process and stay present!

This empowered mindset is the driving force behind living a FULL life. Curiosity inspires us to never settle for less and ignites independence within your journey. Sometimes this mentality is difficult to adopt because no one else is holding you accountable, but you. And when life becomes overwhelming, it’s so tempting to take a step back from your ambitious mentality or even worse give up. What if you…the ambitious individual; discover a way to overcome this overwhelming response of angst and stress.

The key to overcoming persistent deadlines and an anxious mindset is to discover the power of the Hour by Hour Strategy. Sounds official? And it is! This strategy enables you to focus…not on the success or the desired result, but rather completing the task at hand – hour by hour.

  • This strategy will improve your presence throughout the course of the week. Especially if you are someone who tends to wish the week away, waiting for Friyay and it’s only Monday. You know?
  • Additionally, these small steps and moments of achievement will take on greater meaning for you. Once you accomplish one task, you are prepared to move onto the next and inspired to proceed with grace because you maintain a diligent mindset.
  • You are present and the best version of yourself, you are not just ‘going through the motions’

Everyday, strive to be the best version of you 

  • Habits are formed by what we repeatedly do, day in and day out. When we strive to complete tasks at hand with the Hour by Hour Strategy, a habit will form as a result. Sometimes on Sunday, we feel dreadful and anxious about the week ahead. Overtime, this will be your consistent approach allowing your mind, body and soul to be at ease.
  • Your overall health will increase because you will not be generating increased levels of stress. At first, your body is built to manage and handle stress. However, overtime stress will take its’ told and your body will be unable to manage it. This strategy promotes a happy and healthy body. If you are feeling sick and run down, this is a clear sign it’s time to listen to your body and health
  • When your health increases, your productivity increases too. The Hour by Hour approach increases overall efficiency during your week.

Discover the Hour by Hour Strategy 

The most effective approach to adopting the Hour by Hour Strategy is creating a consecutive list consisting of your intentions for that day. What is it that you have to complete? What is it that you hope to achieve? Write it all down – moment by moment.

      Todays Example:

  1. Wake up 
  2. Be the best version of me today
  3. Make a nourishing breakfast
  4. Write down gratitude + intentions
  5. Post IG 
  6. Edit new blogs
  7. Gym – HIIT Workout
  8. Lunch – healthy & balanced
  9. Social media manager meeting at Armature
  10. Email Jen about On boarding
  11. Business meeting
  12. Cook a delicious dinner
  13. Go for a walk
  14. Rest & relaxation 
  15. Read 
  16. Bed time

I have been doing this for the past few years and ever since, it drastically improved my mindset. I approach each task with a more engaged outlook and I appreciate each moment of the day. Organization is also improved, you’re on task, on time and prepared. 

Each morning write it down while eating breakfast and sipping on warm coffee. Then check each intention off as you go! You will feel so empowered as you accomplish each task. You can do this! Take each moment, one step at a time & be the best that you can be.

Be Empowered, Be Aware & Feel Alive – it’s the secret.

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xx, TheEmpowerist

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