Self-Empowerment During Moments of Loss

Reach For Mindfulness When Times Feel Tough

Life is not linear, it’s filled with peaks and valleys. You see the thing is that without these moments, you would not know what contentment feels like. Instead, you would quickly become very used to it, causing it to lose value. For those of you who have taken Economics, it’s the Law of Diminishing Returns. 

During moments of contentment it’s so important to attend to this happiness and have gratitude for it every day or as often as you can remember to. Who knows how long you will have this, you know? This might be your health, the school that you attend, the company that you are working for, your family’s health, the friends in your life, your pet’s the car you drive, the house you live in, etc. It really goes on and on because there is so much good in your life that it is beyond easy to dismiss and take for granted. 

Give Attention to What You Are Grateful For, Everyday.

Sometimes, life throws curve balls. Something happens and it typically revolves around the “loss” of something. It’s important to understand that this form of loss can be temporary or permanent. It could be the loss of a privilege, family, friends, privilege to work for a certain company, money, attend school, your home, be apart of a sport, significant other etc. 

If you want to experience sustained happiness you have to learn how to end your personal suffering as quickly as you possibly can. The truth is the only person who can help you is: YOU. Honestly, repeat this line for a moment: “I am the only one in this lifetime to change the way that I am feeling, in any circumstance.” Even if you feel you have it down, it’s so easy to lose sight of, when the moment occurs. 

Also, as you navigate life you might run into friends or family who do not understand this practice. If you have this knowledge and practice you will be able to help someone else by teaching this to them.

Self-Empowerment During Moments of Loss

When you experience moments of permanent or temporary loss, it’s okay to not feel okay. It is so important to feel the emotions that you are experiencing. This is something I used to struggle with. I would frequently bottle up my emotions because I was afraid to really feel them. Unfortunately, that always ends up backfiring because they will come out at some point. And know that there is no shame in crying because crying helps, it’s transformative and will actually make you feel better. The quicker you face your emotions, head-on the more manageable the situation can be. 

Moving on and living on is a choice that will end your moment of suffering. You will feel so much better if you choose to move forward in the best way possible. Don’t fake it, really do it. There is such a defined line behind saying you see the positive aspects that come out of this moment or saying that you are ready to move forward and actually doing so. During this time, go for a walk, look all around you and tell yourself exactly what you are grateful for. Despite this loss, tell yourself exactly what you are grateful for in your life, in this moment. 

Acknowledging gratitude is a powerfully transformative mechanism to end suffering

Ten Recommendations to Channel Your Emotions During Time of Loss

  1. Take deep breaths/breathe
  2. Journal your emotions
  3. Think about and write down what you are grateful for
  4. Exercise and let it burn
  5. Talk it out to someone who is there to listen or even to yourself
  6. Go for a long walk and enjoy the scenery
  7. Just cry, let the tears flow 
  8. Cry + walk, love this. 
  9. Listen to positive and good music
  10. Do all of your favorite things

When you are experiencing a time of loss (temporary or permanent) it can create a whirlwind of emotions.  It is so important to channel these emotions into an outlet that will allow you to release this energy. This energy is strong and powerful, let it out rather than bottling up. In the moment, focus on what you can do to channel this energy. Sometimes, it requires you to incorporate a few different ways to channel it. It all depends on the situation, but it’s so important to release these emotions into the air and manage them. 

Life is unpredictable, seek ways to manage these emotions now so that when the time comes, you are empowered to work through this experience and stay on track with your dreams.  

These are my best tips and tricks to work through moments of loss and empower yourself to channel these emotions. I hope they help you to conquer any future experience. I would love to hear your favorite self-empowerment practices. Comment your favorites below. 

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