Smile Brightly Everyday With Smile Brilliant | At Home Whitening


Smile Brightly Everyday With Smile Brilliant | At Home Whitening

Smiles + A Giveaway!

You Deserve A Life Filled With Smiles

Don’t let anyone dull your smile, you are always in charge of your happiness. The human smile is a powerful feature that transforms an everyday experience. Smiles generate internal happiness and create connections that might not have been created without the power of a smile. Think about the last time you were walking through the office at work or down the street and a stranger smiled at you, how did it make you feel?  Creating connections is one of the most amazing pieces of one’s journey. Connections have the power to lead your life into a brighter future, one you never even expected.

“So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” 

Marilyn Monroe

Shine Brightly Everyday With Your Best Feature

Taking care of your smile is very important, it is a feature that should never be taken for granted. I can remember when I was a little girl, I noticed my mom’s smile, her happiness was so contagious. A positive energy that could be felt in a crowded room. This was the first moment where I discovered the beauty of a smile. Your smile is so valuable, in fact science illustrates evidence that when you force yourself to smile, it creates a natural vibe of happiness. Try it? Throughout your journey, it is important to take care of your smile. Over time, your smile can become less white, if you’re a coffee or red wine lover then you definitely know what I mean! Even food impacts the whiteness of your smile, there are small pores in our teeth and our teeth absorbs the rainbow of foods we nourish our bodies with. I am most definitely a foodie, so I am always mindful of my smile.  Recently, I noticed my smile was beginning to dull, keep reading there’s a special giveaway. I decided to do a little research on different whitening methods available. There are so many options on the market that claim to whiten your teeth. Whitening tooth pastes, whitening strips, whitening pen, UV light, etc. In the past, I tried the whitening strips, but my (already sensitive) teeth became even more sensitive, which meant no indulging on Halo Top for me.  

“Nothing conveys confidence quite like a bright, white smile

      A whiter smile was definitely on my to-do list, after a little researching I discovered Smile Brilliant’s mission and decided it was a perfect opportunity to collaborate. I was ready to give my confidence a boost with an improved smile. After I researched the Smile Brilliant process, I decided to give it a go. I loved that you could whiten on your own time! The process was easy: first you ordered your kit, then sent your compressions and then the whitening process begins within two weeks. I also love their positive intentions, after 45 days if you are not happy with your whitening, they are will to offer you a full refund – 100% guaranteed! But trust me, you will see a drastic transformation. After just one hour of whitening, I experienced 0 pain and my smile was definitely whiter. I am always busy and on-the-go, I found that just 45 minutes while studying at a coffee shop, cooking or watching my favorite show is all I needed to see a brighter smile. But, the longer you allow the trays to sit, the whiter your teeth.             If you have sensitive teeth, have no fear. Smile Brilliant offers a solution that works. The desensitizing gels will hydrate your teeth and gums to strengthen them prior to the whitening gels.

Enjoy the Process, It’s Fun!

The Smile Brilliant process is super simple and gives you the freedom to whiten while cooking, reading, running errands, doing laundry, even exercising!

No. 1 – Order your system: Order the complete system and create your molds in 15 minutes. The mold creation is fun, it is sort of like playing with play dough. All you have to do is follow the instructions, super simple. And if you mess up, they even send extra molds just in case. Send your molds back to Smile Brilliant, they provide you with a prepaid envelope. They will prepare your whitening trays.

No. 2 – Smile Brilliant creates perfectly fitting whitening trays that complements your teeth. Within 3-5 days these trays will be sent directly to you.

No. 3 – You are ready to begin! Prepare your teeth with the desensitizing gels, then whiten while you cook, clean, watch a movie and relax.

Here is a quick video on the complete process and results!

Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening is by far my favorite method to brighten up my smile. I am actually whitening right now, as I write this post! I highly recommend first using the desensitizing gels to prepare your teeth for the process. Prior to whitening, line your gums with coconut oil or cocoa butter. Then place the whitening trays in. After 1-3 hours, take them out and smile!  

Enter to Win One Customized Whitening Kit

Smile Brilliant wants to make you feel empowered before any moment and is offer you an opportunity to win an exciting GIVEAWAY! One lucky winner will receive a Smile Brilliant at home whitening kit to whiten and sparkle your teeth.  

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Comes with whitening trays, sensitivity gels, complete directions and so easy-to-use. Want a kit of your own? You can use theempowerist15 for $15 off your Smile Brilliant purchase! How Much Is Teeth Whitening

I hope that reading this article inspires you to smile brightly each and everyday!

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