A Story: Limitless Potential


Picture this; you are at a specific point in your journey where you are required to apply to a new involvement that you’re striving to be a part of. This involvement might be a new job, school, or an organization. Ultimately, it will contain a higher level of competition.

The first step requires you to take action. You educate yourself on the application process, organize all necessaries and prepare to put your best efforts forward. Your nerves play a role because typically this experience includes a waiting period.

Then, it is time to undergo a framing step, which is typically achieved during an interview. You frame your thoughts and explain why you are fit for this involvement.

Finally, you complete your application, all steps necessary and voila! Now, you envision yourself onto that new experience and create various scenarios of what happens next. While waiting for the final result

Live Life Free of Expectation, Everything Else is a Gift

The application process is truly fascinating when you take a moment to analyze. Your intentions play a large role during this experience. Aligning your past with your present skills is a key focus within the process.

Therefore, taking time to reflect upon your experiences periodically generates a greater level of self-awareness in regards to how your actions are impacting you over the course of your journey. And then when it’s time to show how these experiences benefit you, you are mindful and aware. All around a win-win!

During this process, it’s important to leverage upon your skills. Push yourself to get involved, go above and beyond! Besides, what’s the worst that will happen? Regardless of whether or not you are accepted, the process is ultimately a learning experience and growth opportunity.

The author Charles Swindoll once said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.”  To put it simply, you have the power to flip a negative emotion into a positive growing experience. Take actionframe your thoughts, and receive a result. This is an incredible lesson I learned my senior year of high school during the college application process.

There are no shortcuts to the places worth going

In going forward, I continue to apply this knowledge into my life and it allows me to create the life I want to live. Life filled with experience, continuous growth, wisdom and knowledge. A life that grants me the experience of feeling alive! Which is why I would love to share it with you…

Stepping outside of your comfort zone keeps life interesting

Through this experience I learned there is no better time than now to take a risk and step out of your comfort zone. The power to create your journey is truly in your hands. Although these risks may lead to a challenging outcome, ultimately you will benefit through the learning experience. Next time you are challenged, take a moment and think before acting.

Where it all began…

Picture this: a cold and snowy November afternoon, I am sitting comfortably by the crackling fire pondering my next step. I have worked so hard throughout my past 3.5 years at Hingham High School. I found my niche in running, challenged myself academically, worked outside of academics, and shaped beautiful friendships.

Growing up, I was consistently challenged from the beginning. My mom’s hard work at Boston Children’s Hospital continuously inspired me to consistently work hard to be the best I can be. Regardless of the busy schedule and long commutes, she loves her job…day after day she raves about her wonderful colleagues and emotional working environment. Her smile is contagious and her eyes gleam with hope for those she works closest with, the children. Her journey, a beautiful one and for me – it is a daily reminder to design a life filled with limitless potential.

On November 28th, 2014 I received a letter denying me into the John Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa where I hoped to obtain my degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. To my surprise, a feeling of empowerment overcame me after receiving this news. Rather than respond with frustration in this circumstance, I decided to continue taking action because I believed I had something to offer. I had a feeling there was still hope and hope there was! I emailed my admissions counselor and she proceeded to illuminate on the opportunity to write a letter of appeal.

I wrote my letter of appeal to the Director of Enrollment with clear intentions: describing my past experiences, how they impacted my personal development and specifically what I believed I will bring to the UT community. I explained how pushing my comfort zone plays a large roll within my life. Specifically, I discussed the importance of setting a goal which cannot be tackled without confidence and a willingness to take risks. Lastly, I explained what I envisioned for myself in the four years that would create the next chapter of my life. At UTampa, I envision myself as a tentative student motivated to make a difference, while flourishing both academically and socially. Ultimately, I revealed my desire to create a balanced lifestyle. In that moment I believed with tenacity a lot of hard work and determination anything is possible. And one week later I received a phone call from UT! I was astonished to hear the news that the Director of Enrollment reversed my decision and accepted me for Aug 2014-May 2018. Presently, I am halfway through and thriving!

The power to create your journey is truly in your hands. Next time you are challenged, take a moment and think before acting. When you step outside of your comfort zone you are creating new experiences that have the power to positively alter your journey. Always take action, you are the CEO of your life: embrace this privilege. 

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