Success Is Liking Yourself: Samantha From the Brunette Blend

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it – Maya Angelou

TheEmpowerist is igniting a new feature and I am SO excited to leap in…this is the next step of the journey! Focusing on connection, lessons, authenticity, empowerment & joy. Let’s do this.

Let me introduce you to Samantha, founder of The Brunette Blend. Samantha is living unstoppably for herself and through all of it she has cultivated an innovative hub to inspire others to find themselves through personal style and beauty. The Brunette Blend was launched to motivate, inspire and blend all aspects of life. Learn more about Samantha’s story here.

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Blogging has taught me so much about connection and the power of learning about someone else’s story. When we learn someone else’s story, we are exposed to new lessons, that we have yet to discover! Samantha is a hustler, motivated by passion and currently working two jobs! She shares all about work-life balance, explains how she discovered her passions, offers beauty tips and 

The Brunette Blend Interview


1 Introduce yourself: Who is Samantha & which personal traits helped define your journey?

Hello! I’m Samantha Boots (if you’re wondering, YES, Boots is my real middle name) from The Brunette Blend. I’ve been describing myself lately as somewhere between a Martha and a Pinterest fail. What I mean by this is that I put my best self forward, but embrace my quirks as well. I come from a family of performers. My dad was a comedy magician, while my mom was a costumer and chorographer. Growing up I saw two people break the 9-5 mold and get paid for something they truly loved doing. I witnessed total go-getters and that mentality has been burned into my brain. I’m dedicated, hardworking and know the value of a laugh.

2 Share your thoughts about self-awareness. What moment or moments led you to realize you are self-aware? And, was this a defining moment in your journey?

I think being self-aware is extremely important. Whether it is in your off-screen day-to-day life or on social media, I believe you need to be cognizant to really find your voice or your end goal. In the blogging space, its easy to lose yourself. When I first started The Brunette Blend, I kind of imitated people I admired to create my platform. As I grew, I realized I didn’t care about what I was writing and it wasn’t truly me. I wasn’t standing out, because of it. When I realized I didn’t want to blog about the latest fashion sales, I found my voice and my passions.

3 What is the mission behind The Brunette Blend?

The Brunette Blend focuses (and blends) on easy beauty, style (from clothing to your mantel) and skincare– we’re big on SPF, baseball hats and exfoliating. Everything you find on The Brunette Blend will be easy, affordable and time saving.

4 Share with us your favorite style tips?

No. 1 – Red lipstick pretty much goes with EVERYTHING – Read more about red lipstick here

No. 2 – Spend money on the jeans. Quality, good fitting jeans are a staple and can last a long time if you care for them properly.

No. 3 – Get a pair of Spanx a size up (you’ll love them). They are more comfortable to wear, they’ll smooth you out (you probably don’t need it, but who doesn’t want to feel a little smoother some days?) + your legs won’t rub or stick together. I wear Spanx under every single dress I wear. I promise Spanx don’t have to be a chore to wear!


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5 Are you presently working a 9-5? If so, how many jobs are you presently working?

I am working a 9-5 job and blogging on the side.

6 How do you maintain balance between each job?

Sometimes I don’t! Haha! Things would be a lot harder if I didn’t enjoying writing so much. The Brunette Blend is my creative outlet and a partial escape. I’m working on it nearly every chance I get- lunch breaks, evenings and weekends. I do take time to recharge from everything though with date nights, walks with our pup, girls nights and barre classes.

To me balance lies within making time for everything instead of focusing and burning out on one thing.

8 Share with us a moment where you stepped outside of your comfort zone, what happened?

I auditioned for The Voice in college! Haha- it was a really cool experience and I made it to the 3rd round/ interview round. I walked in there thinking I wouldn’t make it past the initial audition. It taught me to take a jump for what you are passionate about, because you don’t know how far you’ll go.

9 When you experience moments of uncertainty, how do you empower yourself to remain positive?

I experience a lot of uncertainty. There’s a song lyric that has been basically my tag line, ‘the only thing I’m really sure of is I’m unsure of most everything…” Its true, I AM. Honestly, this isn’t as bad as people may think or feel. I was feeling this way a lot and would get uncomfortable and frustrated, so I put a positive twist on it.

If you’re unsure of something, there are no expectations. You won’t know the outcome unless you try. The answer is always ‘no,’ if you don’t ask. Uncertainty is overthinking, so go for it!

10 Share with us any hobbies that you love, that not many people know about you?

I LOVE to sing and I love performing—I’m quite dramatic if you know me in person (or really read my captions lol)

11 What role do your passions play in your life?

I think writing a blog takes a performing spirit. You’re on for the world to see and you want to make sure it’s the best show possible. In my case, the best show is humorous. If you find me on Instagram stories, chances are I’m talking about all the activities I did in my Costco athletic outfit or trying to show you what awesome top I purchased at a boutique and it falls off the hanger mid-sentence. When it comes to singing, its comfort, its fun, and sometimes the perfect way to express my feelings.

12 What is your best piece of advice for someone that is trying to discover balance within a busy schedule?

Play around and find what works best for you. Also, ain’t nothing wrong with a calendar and blocking out your schedule! I’m still working on balance, I think it’s a practice. Don’t get hung up if everyday isn’t the same or doesn’t go according to plan.

13 Where is somewhere you traveled to this past year? Is there a restaurant or experience you recommend visiting?

So I haven’t been anywhere exotic lately lol (soon, though!), but I recently went to Milwaukee, WI and fell in LOVE with a brunch spot called Café Benelux. I’m drooling just thinking about their breakfast sandwiches.

14 Share with us your top three energizing snacks that help you stay fueled on a busy day.

Raw cashews, apple with almond butter (I’m hooked on the one-serving Justin’s vanilla packets) and grapes + string cheese.

15 Tell us your favorite quote right now

“The feeling of nervousness is a lot like excitement. You’re not nervous, you’re excited.”

16 Who or what keeps you inspired?

A lot of people kept me going when I didn’t want to/think I could. My family, friends, fellow bloggers and those who support The Brunette Blend mean more to me than they think. (so thank you, guys!)

17 What kind of viewers will be most interested in your lifestyle blog?

The Brunette Blend is for those who don’t take themselves too seriously, who find themselves in Target aisles pretty frequently and enjoy personal style at an affordable cost. If you’re laid back + cute, but pyscho when it comes to skincare, lets chat!

Samantha inspires me, one of my favorite post she shares on her blog is a story about landing an opportunity by taking action. I LOVE that and you guys know I learned about limitless potential very early on, I share more about my journey here

Read more about Samantha’s adviceIF YOU DON’T ASK, THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO.

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