Summertime Self Growth

Happy FriYAY!

I am sitting here on this glorious Spring morning, overlooking a beautiful marsh. The windows are raised – allowing fresh air to fill my home, birds are chirping, the sun is shining and in this moment I am at peace. While reflecting about this past week, one thing comes to mind. This idea that summer is approaching and for many, summer is a period of personal growth and self-transformation.

First & foremost take this moment to be proud! Proud of how far you have come. Be satisfied with the present and excited for the transformation that you are envisioning in the near future. Remember, satisfaction brings about more satisfaction because the actions that follow will allow you to flourish. Dissatisfaction generates negative emotions and therefore creates more dissatisfaction.



Self-transformation is a beautiful process that happens over time due to a variety of different experiences. Not only is this process ultimately beautiful because it brings about new perspectives, it is also very difficult at times. Experiences that generate self-growth consist of opportunities, risks, mistakes, lessons, gratitude, loss & stepping outside of that comfort zone.  During these difficult moments the individual is being tested.

Life is 10% of what happens to you, & 90% of how you react to it 

At first glance, this quote might not settle with you. What does it mean life is just 10% of what happens to you? It is a lot more than that! The quote discloses that your reaction will ALWAYS generate an outcome or experience. And how you choose to react under the circumstance has the power to provoke a positive experience or a negative one.

Think about this for a moment: A family member is irritating you & you just cannot take it any longer. You can choose to engage, defend & fight back in that moment. Or you can listen to what they have to say, take a deep breath, respond in the most positive way possible and finally walk away. In walking away you immediately move forward to the next endeavor. Whereas if you choose to react defensively, you are generating stress within your life and engaging the other individual. Hopefully this very simple example increases your understanding about this quote. Take this example and apply it to all areas of your life: relationships, challenges, career, etc. By choosing to react in the most positive way possible, you ultimately move forward in a smooth manner.

                        No. 1 – Take a breath

                        No. 2 – Think about the big picture

                        No. 3 – Respond: take action, listen, accept

                        No. 4 – Move forward & grow

If you are striving to improve yourself this summer, there is no better time to begin than now! Think about all the areas of your life that create your personal self. Remind yourself of times when you felt your best and moments that you wished you reacted in a different manner. What is it that you want to grow? Think about this past year and your experiences thus far. What is it that sticks out the most to you? Maybe you want to work on reacting more positively to negative moments. Or motivating yourself to wake up early. Maybe you want to adjust your routine to increase your time management and therefore maximize your productivity. Just do it!

Let this summer be a period of positive growth. Each day challenge yourself to be the most amazing version of you. Wake up each morning with the thought: how can today be a better day than yesterday? And watch as positive reactions generate positive experiences. Overcome uncertainty, focus on yourself, and be present. Most importantly have so much fun and feel alive along the way! Are you ready to flourish?

Each morning remind yourself about these goals. Think about the beauty that will result!

Your life will begin to transform one action at a time.


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