The Art of Moving Forward: After Feeling Regretful of Your Actions

My ego says, ‘I am still pissed about yesterday.’ The spirit says, ‘New Day & New Attitude.’

Love this. A simple reminder to you, we are ALL a work in progress, we are human and we make mistakes. Yesterday, something happened to me. I was off, my attitude was off, I wasn’t on a positive frequency. Plain and simple, I am holding myself accountable for my actions. I just was not emitting positivity and was acting, honestly ungrateful. Ever been there before?

I was wrong & I knew it. 

I woke up today and I knew I needed a moment of reflection to think about my actions. My actions were wrong and certainly not a reflection of love or kindness. Okay…good at least I recognize this because holding yourself accountable is the first step. now I need to grow from this. It is a new day and it is time to move forward.

Remember a new day, is a fresh start. 

After thinking about the fact that it is a new day, I felt pleasantly refreshed! At first, when I woke up, I was feeling frustrated with myself and my actions. Also, uncertain as to why I acted in a certain manner and wanting to fix it. Sometimes, we are still feeling in the moment and we want to try and fix things quickly, we overthink them for the worst and we get in our own heads. During this moment, time is of essence because if you allow yourself to reflect, you will discover why you acted in that manner.

Move forward, do not perseverate. 

A mistake people often make is feeding energy into the mistake & actions. Sometimes, we want to go on and on about the situation, leading to paralysis. We begin to blame others involved and are on a mission to justify our actions. As a result, the conflict will only grow bigger. It just will not solve anything and face it that’s a waste of energy. Instead, choose to feed the issue with powerful thoughts and move forward. Just let it go and focus on igniting a new goal for yourself, self-betterment.

Once you feel confident in moving forward, take responsibility. If there is anyone you need to apologize to, then do so. Tell them you’re sorry and apologize for your actions, hold yourself accountable. If you feel wrong in the situation then you were. Taking ownership is key to rising above vulnerability and self-growth in this situation. Talk it out and grow, these lessons have the power to revitalize your life & grow you into a better version of yourself.

Metanoia: (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life

Feeling better yet? If the emotions and feels begin to resurface, it is normal. In fact, they did for me and the key is continuing to practice moving forward. It is a challenge and you’re not perfect but you can challenge yourself to be the best version of you. Be better and move on by choosing to act with love. Practice a persistent mindset and keep on rising above, the consistency will shape your outcome as a lesson learned!

Cheers to that.

In moving forward, be thankful for where you are today and continue to fight for your dreams. Continuously take action & strive to be better each and everyday.


Key Take Aways:

  1. Reflect on your actions and feels

  2. Hold yourself accountable for your actions

  3. Let go of frustration

  4. Move forward

  5. Apologize to anyone you may have hurt or disrespected

  6. Challenge yourself to learn & grow

  7. Don’t do it again

  8. Be persistent in consistently challenging yourself to grow

  9. Keep on shining!



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