The Essence of Living For You

At one point or another, we all experience moments where we are uncomfortable in our own skin…

During this phase of personal discomfort we will sometimes experience insecurity, negativity, judgement and frustration. No fun. When you are uncomfortable in your own skin you’re not creating a vibrant life, you are holding yourself back by interrupting your own frequency of good vibes with negative thoughts. In the process, the only one you are hurting is you because you’re holding yourself back. It is so important to recognize this unhealthy mindset and let it go. If you ever find yourself judging another individual for their motivation or skills, call yourself out and remind yourself to live for you. We are all living for ourselves and it is so important to do you and let others do themselves along the journey of self-discovery. Pure and simple: live for you.

This mindset will not serve you, let it go!

Like any other mindset, this negative mindset has a power over us. It interrupts ambitions and passions with judgement and insecurity.

You might be wondering how can I change this? Well you can, out of habit and a greater understanding of your personal self. Learn how to grow from this experience and do not be ashamed if you feel you are going through any of this. Many of us can relate, I sure can! That is why I am discussing this important topic because so many people go through this without even realizing it. It is important to focus on yourself so that you can help others and enrich your life.

Helping others will enrich your life, guaranteed.

Remember, Life is not a competition about adopting the best lifestyle. Life is about discovering and building a consistently beautiful adventure that allows your soul to shine through. The journey to finding a lifestyle that compliments your soul will not happen over night. It requires a deep level of reflection and a willingness to adjust sails along the navigations process.


Doing things for you is sometimes challenging to achieve.

At some point you discover the importance of making decisions for you and when you do, it’s simply amazing! What I like to call, an “Ah-hah” moment as well as an epiphany. All in all, it’s life-changing because from there on out, your life is consistently enriched as you are no longer in need of any one else’s reassurance but your own. In other words, you have developed a skill of making decisions purely for you and your happiness. You allow others to live their own lives, you yours, and you can bring beauty to others lives through your purposeful mindset.

You’re in the drivers seat of your adventure, the sooner you learn this lesson the greater your adventures will be!

You offer an enriched perspective to your journey as well as to those individuals whom you cross paths with. It’s beautiful. Imagine yourself achieving an abundant life filled with adventures, amazing relationships and memories.

See it, smell it, taste it, and believe it.

No lifestyle is permanent either! As we continue to grow & learn, we evolve. We shed a layer of our comfort zone and gain a layer of depth and mystery. We now know something we did not know prior to this experience therefore, your life is ultimately enriched. Pretty amazing right! It requires a greater level of personal understanding of yourself. Discovering the importance of live for you will enrich your confidence and revitalize your spirit, allowing you to shine brightly. 

Never, ever begin to settle into the motions. That’s not living, that is resting in one spot and stable. Endure challenge and loss, go in head first and own it. Along the journey of self-discovery, you will overcome these experiences and rise above them. At first it’s hard, then it’s habit. These moments are not always fun but they will enrich your life by testing you. And as you go through these tests, ensure you feel the emotions and continue to do things in which you love along the way.

Periodically, take a moment to yourself and reflect. Find a quiet space, in public where you are able to be one with yourself. It can be the beach, a café, a book store, a gym, the mountains, or wherever your heart desires. Challenge yourself to think about the present circumstance and look at yourself in the mirror. Feel the pain, the emotions and embrace this moment. You will grow strong, trust and believe. From there, continue to work on yourself. Work on your mindset and happiness. Discover what it is that you love and find joy through these passions. Do not take them for granted because these are what illuminate your natural joy.

Everything changes when you emit your own frequency

Adjust this mindset by thinking about the things that you love and do more of them. These things that you love generate joy and happiness. This pure joy radiates and enables you to cross paths with other like-minded people. Along the way of discovering what brings you joy, challenge yourself. Challenges are key to maintaining a humble attitude and learning new things. Challenges are always a positive experience because they are testing your capabilities and no matter the outcome, you will benefit from the growing process.

Along this journey, practice Gratitude. Filling your heart with Gratitude is purely transformative. It’s raw and allows you to take a step back from everything, really look around and find out in life the things that you love and enjoy and need more of. Be thankful for them because the things that you are grateful for can be lost at any moment in time. Never take your gratitude for granted.

And along the Gratitude journey, know that it’s okay to let go of anything that’s no longer serving you. Sometimes this is very hard, you worry you are hurting someone or something along the way. But this is why it is so important to make decisions purely for yourself in order to enrich your life.

Key take aways:

  • Make decisions for no one else but yourself
  • Do everything out of love
  • Always be learning
  • Challenge yourself, it keeps life intriguing
  • Discover what makes you happy
  • No lifestyle is a permanent lifestyle
  • There is no right or wrong
  • We are continuously evolving
  • Never ever settle
  • Embrace challenges, they are opportunities in disguise
  • Love the life you choose to live and change something if you don’t
  • You do you, let others do them selves
  • Provide perspective to those who cross your path
  • Reflect on your gratitude daily

Never take anything in your life for granted

Stay Empowered

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