The Power of Presence To Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is 2020, how are we feeling?! It came fast – if you have yet to make your New Year’s resolutions, don’t fret. When the time is right, you’ll know it. There are a multitude of opportunities that all of us can focus our energy on this year in order to grow exponentially: financial, health, fitness, happiness, etc. But for all the classic resolutions we all make, there’s one goal that could help you achieve all of your smaller ones. That is: the power of presence.

When you’re fully in the present moment, you can give 100 percent of your energy to whatever mission deserves your attention. Truth is, you actually don’t need anything, just full complete attention. The following five simple habits may help you become more present in 2020.



1. When you’re with friends/family put your phone away

When you’re with friends and family, remember that time is valuable. Especially, in all of our busy lives today. Our time is precious, when you’re with these important people try taking mindful action to stay in the moment. I mean if you want to take 30 seconds to story that DELICIOUS meal you’re enjoying or the gorgeous sunset you’re both witnessing. Then, by all means – do it. What it really comes down to, is don’t spend the entire dinner texting your friend or scrolling through IG. Those around you won’t appreciate it because it shows you are not fully in the moment. This can be a challenge, but give it a try and I guarantee you won’t look back on that moment and say, “Man I really wish I was on my phone that whole time.”

2. Try meditating, there is nothing to loose

I am sure you have heard this one again and again. From a friend, co-worker, doctor, or therapist. But, let me ask you this. Have you every ACTUALLY given meditation a chance? I definitely was guilty of this one. So many people suggested it, and for some reason I could never actually sit down for just 5 minutes and be fully present. On top of the recommendations, there are numerous studies that daily meditation can drastically improve depression and anxiety.

Finally, one day when my anxiety became out of hand I gave it a shot! The simple moment of not worrying about the past, future, work, really anything was completely transformative. I love the Gabby Bernstein FREE guided meditations – I highly recommend giving this a shot to improve your presence/mindfulness this year.

3. Write out your gratitude daily

Gratitude turns what you have into enough and brings your attention to all that you appreciate in your life. I love this practice because it causes your mind to focus on the things that we often take for granted. Since I was 18, I have been practicing gratitude throughout the week and it has powerfully transformed my life.

This habit will improve your appreciation for: the work process, health, lover, family, friends, capabilities and more. Gratitude can ignite immediate happiness during some of the lowest lows. If you haven’t tried this practice consistently, then I challenge you in 2020 to go all in. Treat yourself to a nice journal that you dedicate to gratitude or simply write it in the notes section of your phone at the beginning or end of the day. I hope that it helps you!

4. Take a moment to look at all the beauty around you

Sometimes, it’s as simple as taking intentional actions to look around you. Look at those flourishing skyscrapers in the city you live in or the beautiful active ocean with a shining sun above. There is so much positive energy that is all around you. At the end of the day, you are here on this Earth – the likelihood of being her: 400 Trillion : 1. You were placed on this Earth for a REASON. Never, ever forget that!

5. Pay attention to what drives you

Pay attention to those things that drive you, they are often connected to your true path, passion and purpose in life. Having the courage to follow them, is everything! Never forget this one, that you are fully capable of living your TRUTH. No one on this Earth is stopping you. Discover what makes you tick. Become fully aware of it, then create a brand out of it. Moving forward your brand will be your biggest leverage in life. Invest time daily to enjoying and living your truth.

As you head into this New Year, I hope these tips resonate with you and empower you to take MASSIVE ACTION.

I hope this helps you – or share this with someone who may need it!

Have a blessed and beautiful day.

With Love & Gratitude, Carly

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