There Is No Pinnacle Moment: Keep On Keeping On

Consistency Is Key To Continuous Success

[A-chieve] – Successfully bring about or reach by effort, skill or courage.

You did it! You got the job, achieved the grade, collaborated with this company or that person, hit your revenue goal, conquered the workout, graduated, etc. That’s incredible and you should absolutely celebrate, have gratitude and be aware of this achievement. But, what’s next? If you settle into the motions of this moment, you will plateau real quick. Trust me. 

Remain self-aware during this moment of success. Yes, you have succeeded, but there is still SO much in store for you to accomplish in your lifetime. Think back to when you were a little kid. What did you dream of? Life is about consistently testing your capability because you have so much to offer this world. You are limitless, keep on climbing. 

Settling Interrupts Momentum

When you accomplish any goal, it is super easy to settle into the moment. Absolutely, 100% you should stay present and celebrate this accomplishment. In fact, celebrating is part of your balance. You have to be self-aware of what you have achieved in order to sustain this momentum. So, do all of your favorite things. But after celebrations, you have to challenge yourself to get right back on this momentum if you want to reach your highest goal and live your dream.

There is SO much left to achieve in your lifetime. Remind yourself of THIS! Settling into the momentum interrupts your empowered vibe. Focus on a can’t stop, won’t stop mentality. 

Keep On Keeping On

Action is the essence of achievement, so keep on keeping on. There is never going to be an IT moment in life. Achievements result from action and progress, they don’t just happen. You have to continuously challenge yourself to tap into what is next and embrace the process. This momentum all begins with an empowered mindset, never ever give up. Through all of it, self-awareness is key. Be aware of your goals along the way and consistently check in with yourself. Everyday you wake up, think about what you can do and have gratitude every step of the way.

Fall In Love with the Process

The process is beautiful and if you lose patience during the journey because it’s taking a while, then call yourself out for it. No one said you deserve it, but if you keep digging deep, igniting progress and providing value – the opportunity to win is FAR greater. You are the only one to make this dream a reality, practice resilience and stay persistent. Trust me, you will undoubtably miss the process and initial anticipation. 

Stop blaming everyone else and start taking accountability for everything that happens in your life. I learned this mentality early on and it has brought me so far in life. Once you hold yourself accountable, you automatically avoid so much conflict down the line. Whenever I come across a moment that does not go the way I imagined, I always focus on a going forward mentality. That’s it. I figure out how to learn from this experience and grow. You reverse the mindset from negative to positive in one moment. Time is not wasted on should have, could have or would have. Onto the next. Always hold yourself accountable and make today better than yesterday.  

Meet moments of dread, uncertainty and negativity with gratitude

Gratitude is always your solution, it’s how to fall in love with the process. In this moment, right now and going forward, continuously remind yourself about why you are doing this. You have to fall in love with stepping outside of your comfort zone if you want to experience results. If you want to reach your goals, have consistent gratitude for everything along the way.  

Mindset is Everything

Throughout your journey, mindset it everything. It’s your biggest fan, your biggest enemy, your problem or your solution. The best part of all is that you have the power to manage your mindset. You are the CEO of your journey, own it and love it. If you don’t love it, change it.

Your mindset is your biggest fan and your most valuable solution

Positivity has played such a key role in my journey, this mindset was instilled into me at a young age and I am consistently grateful for it. I owe it to my mom for always teaching me to rise above uncertainty, this mentality 100% instilled positivity. I would not be where I am today, without it because positivity has empowered me to make some of the best decisions in my life. Rather than immediately giving up and accept the outcome, I have learned to go after what I dream of and be resilient. And if you can practice this in going forward, watch how your life consistently transforms. It is so beautiful to see your journey from A to B, enjoy this process. 

Experiencing a negative mindset is critical, entitled and easily causes one to give up. The way to reverse this mindset is seeking out the opportunity that results from this experience. Did you step outside of your comfort zone and gain confidence? Even if the result was not a win, did you build confidence? And if you did, congrats you have won. Focus on this mentality and seek out challenges as opportunities in disguise.

Practice positivity, bringing value and being the best that you can be everyday. You will win. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Consistency is key
  2. Settling interrupts momentum
  3. Fall in love with the process
  4. Hold yourself accountable
  5. Always find the opportunity in the midst of challenge
  6. Practice positivity

I hope that reading this article empowers you along your journey to greatness.

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