20 Minutes & Ready to Seize Anything & Everything

Are you striving for consistency….but rushed, busy or no time?

This workout is your answer and will leave you feeling ready to seize the day!

We understand, sometimes we have such a busy day and we want to make it ALL a priority. All, includes a full 8 hours of rest, a balanced breakfast, a moment to enjoy coffee, time to respond to emails, a killer workout, a revitalizing shower, moments to learn and time to speak to loved ones. Especially, if you have goals and intentions, you find yourself striving to reach consistency.

If workouts are a priority you struggle to maintain due to time management, the key is discovering a variety of workouts that incorporate different muscles and require limited time. Being energy rich is all part of the discipline of someone that’s going to be the best at what they’re gonna do. Plan your longer workouts for days with minimal meetings and deadlines. On days with hourly plans, squeeze in this 20-minute workout that will keep you feeling on track and leave you feeling empowered. So put on your favorite songs and sweat it out, for no one else but YOU!

20 Minutes: Ready to Seize Anything & Everything

No. 1 – One mile intervals on the treadmill

1-2 minutes on 3 incline 6 mph

2-3 minutes on 3 incline 6.8 mph

3-5 minutes on 1.5 incline 7.3 mph

5-6 minutes on 2.5 incline 6 mph

6-8 minutes on 4 incline 7 mph

8-9 minutes on 1 incline 6 mph

9-10 minutes on 3 incline 7 mph

No. 2 – Weights

3 sets of 10 by 17 lb weights arm curls

No. 3 – Abs

1 minute (on each side 3 minutes total) center, left-side, and right-side plank

1 minute of crunches

1 minute of leg raises

1 minute of Russian twists

No. 4 – Squats

3 sets of ten squats 

Take a minute to stretch it out, breathe and you are ready to seize!

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