HIIT: A Challenging Workout That Works + Hurts

Test Your Potential Everyday, You Are Capable

Throughout life, I have become absolutely obsessed with testing my limits and capabilities. Why? Because, I challenge myself and my heart holds me accountable to get it done and do it! One of the best feeling is setting an intention and making it happen. When I was 15 years old, I was very uncertain about joining the cross country team because I did not feel I was capable. A few motivating friends empowered me to join and I did it. Joining the cross country team was the best decision at this time because it taught me the powerful lesson of experimenting with capability It also surrounded me with like-minded ambitious friends who are still my best friends today. As we go through navigating our lives, it is important to remember that everyone is completely capable. It is just a matter of taking consistent, committed and massive action to test this.

Adopting this powerful mindset will bring you so much further in all aspects of life. Throughout life, when you experience moments of self-doubt reverse your mindset immediately and say, “I can and I will.” After you grind through it and do it, you will feel so alive, on top of the world. These are the moments to live for, the moments that leave you on a cloud 9. 

Feel Fire With High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training will test your capabilities and leave you feeling energized and empowered. Throughout the course of the week, I love to incorporate a variety of different workouts. I love a run outside along the water, I love an elliptical day, I love lifting weights, testing out my squats and I often love a HIIT incline workout. Many of you wonder my workout routine and I really want to share this specific workout with you because it is so challenging but leaves you feeling on cloud 9 after you do it. Also, it leaves you burning fat all day because it gets your heart rate going. 

Prior to completing this workout, make sure you have your intention set. If you plan to do this first thing in the morning, drink a lot of water the night prior and ensure you ate a balanced dinner the night before. If you plan to do this later on in the day, make sure you drink water before hand. It will optimize your workout and get you through to the end, finishing it strong. I also recommend listening to a really upbeat music playlist. Follow my (Carly Zimbone) Spotify playlist, Celebrate Life – it is the playlist that gets me through! 

On a typical week, I usually complete this workout 1-2 times a week because it will leave you feeling sore and is very tough on your muscles. I love completing this workout on a Monday to start the week off strong! Additionally, we are all at different levels, feel free to modify this workout according to your energy and capability in that moment. Adjust the inclines and speed to what works for you, the most important part is finishing, even if that means shorter intervals and decreased inclines. Good luck!

Let It Burn HIIT Incline Workout

My best tips to complete this workout is to hydrate, set the intention and do it. Additionally, if you are not at this level of HIIT, modify it into what works for you and work towards a greater goal. Make it shorter and customize it to complement your journey. I want to share this to offer you an idea of what a HIIT incline might look life and to empower you to test your capability. Your health is such an asset to your life, never ever take it for granted!

More workouts to come in the future, if you give this one a try let me know your thoughts! Or if you customized parts of it, I would love to hear your modification as I am always seeking variety. 

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