The Best Advice to Discovering a Consistent Workout Routine + HIIT Workout

You Will Never, Ever Regret Working Out

When it comes to working out, if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that you will NEVER regret working out. Even if the workout was extremely challenging and hurt like hell, you won’t regret it. The only way you might experience any regret is if you are rushed for time, but the solution to that is effective time management. In going forward, if the thought of working out lingers in your mind, the answer is always YES. Set the intention and you will do it.

Discovering a Sustainable Exercise Routine

Discovering a consistent workout routine is very attainable. The solution is discovering the value of variety and understanding that variety prevents burnout. In order to incorporate a variety of workouts over the course of the week I recommend switching up any of the following: environment, time, level of intensity, speed, music playlist, muscle groups, etc.

There are so many benefits to discovering variety. You might discover a new passion that would have been a missed opportunity. You will be able to manage your time better, by choosing to do longer workouts when you have more time and quicker workouts on busier days. When choosing to work a variety of muscles, your body will be even more toned. Some workouts will be in more peaceful environments, while others will challenge you to tap into your limitless potential. Ultimately, you will discover consistency, reach your goals and have gratitude for your health.


This workout is perfect if you are ready for a full body sculpting. I love this one because it spikes your energy and does not leave you feeling exhausted. This workout challenges your muscles, leaves you with sustained energy and prepares you for whatever you have ahead. Make sure you hydrate and eat a nourishing meal at least an hour and a half prior to this workout.

Let’s Get Started

Begin with strength and focus on sculpting

Abs (Six Minutes Total)

No. 1 – One Minute Front Plank

No. 2 – One Minute Left Side Plank

No. 3 – One Minute Right Side Plank

No. 4 – 40 Lemon Squeezers 

No. 5 – One Minute Reverse Crunches

No. 6 – One Minute Russian Twists


3 X 10 Sets of Weighted Squats (30 Total)

3 X 20 Sets of Calf Raises

Weights (5-15 lbs depending on level of strength)

3 X 10 Sets of Weighted Curls 

3 X 10 Sets of Dumbbell Shoulder Press 

3 X 10 Sets of Side Lateral Raise

3 X 10 Sets of Dumbbell Shoulder Press


HIIT Intervals on the Tread Mill

I hope that reading this article assists you with achieving your workout goals.

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