A Morning Workout Routine To Spike Your Energy

Being active is a great way to improve your weekly routine because let’s face it, after you finish your workout, you will never say “Hey, I really regret choosing to work out!” Instead, happy thoughts will flutter through your mind over the course of your day.

Fitting in a workout during the week is often challenging, especially with a fully loaded schedule. So, what is the key to generating a consistent workout schedule? VARIETY. Prevent that day-to-day dread by switching it up. This tip is so important to effectively creating a positive work-life balance within your life. If you are allowing a career or education to lead your life, pause right here!

You will lose sight of passions, moments and people that spark your happiness resulting in a burnout in your working environment. This leads me to discuss reasons it is important to stay active a few days a week.

Exercise Is Part Of A Healthy and Happy Life

First and foremost, we all know staying active generates good health. According to the U.S. Department of Health all adults (ages 18-64) should participate in 2.5 hours a week of moderate-intensity, or 1 hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Good health is truly a gift because at any moment there is always a chance it can be taken away. Also, working out is time spent alone working on self-betterment. Exercise is a challenge and when you accomplish this task you are filled with great purpose. In addition, it is a chance to reflect upon your journey both past, present and future. Enabling you to burn off any stressors and fears lingering in your mind. Take advantage of these moments of self-improvement and validate in your mind that working out is a time of pure productivity.   

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

One of my favorite ways to switch up my work out over the course of the week is by challenging myself to a sunrise workout. Sounds intriguing right?! But seriously, let me reiterate. After you accomplish what appears to be a difficult dare – you will be left feeling amazing & flowing with natural energy! Specifically, I enjoy beginning my day with a revitalizing run at sunrise about twice a week. As soon as you see the bright orange and red glimmers of light – you will completely understand why setting your alarm is SO worth it. After warming up, your energy levels will spike regardless of the early hours and you will generate an energetic rhythm. Once you complete this workout your mind, body and soul will be positively aligned for a purposeful day to follow.


  1. Prepare your clothes the night before
  2. Set an alarm
  3. Drink water
  4. Mentally prepare & empower yourself before bed
  5. Early bedtime
  6. When the alarm rings – count to 5 (rise & shine)
  7. Prepare to leave within ten minutes
  8. Remind yourself you are lucky to be healthy
  9. GO FOR IT!

Cheers to creating a routine that creates drive, generates a thrive, and makes you feel alive!

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