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Enjoy food on a deeper level. Eating like you love and respect your temple is a true form of self-love. Nourishing your body with foods that complement your health intentions and promote longevity is a powerful step in a wonderful direction. It is so easy to fall into the below moments, recognize any? 

  1. Eating while driving and spilling your meal all over your shirt
  2. Cooking and eating your meal raw as you cook a delicious dinner
  3. Beginning to cook and filling up on chips
  4. Eating left overs from the fridge, cold 
  5. Not eating at all to save yourself for tonight’s dinner
  6. Not eating at all 

I know I have experienced almost all of these. The above scenarios are not a form of self-love or a healthy relationship with food. Learning how to enjoy food fully and intentionally has the power to positively transform your life. Make yourself a priority and be aware of your body’s physical needs.

When we are always eating out, creating rushed meals, or eating while watching TV sends a message to your mind that you are not worth the time to nourish and truly enjoy the food you are putting into your body. Give yourself deep love by slowing down, and enjoying food in a clean and comfortable environment. This step is the beginning of improving your life and loving yourself. 

Cooking for yourself is one of the most powerful steps to see eating as a form of self-love. We can cultivate a deep trust within our lives by creating and having gratitude for your meals. It comes down to practicing mindfulness. As you enjoy the meal you have created, understand that this meal is helping you to be energized, perform at your highest potential and live a long/healthy life. You deserve to love yourself. 

Have Presence While Eating

We often eat while we are distracted: in front of a TV, at the desk, on the phone, working. While eating, take time to breathe and make a conscious effort to enjoy each bite. Focus on how the food feels inside your body. This can especially help with eating foods that are healthy and nourishing. Does the food energize you? Enjoy it and have gratitude for the foods you consume. 

Prepare Your Food Like You Love Yourself

As you prepare the food, have a date with you. Light a candle, play your favorite music and really enjoy the process. Try new things, enjoy your favorite vegetables and proteins and have fun. Make this a weekly habit because you deserve it. 

Treat Your Body With Respect

Mindless eating and binging will not impact you positively. Feed your body gently and treat it with care. Choose foods that empower you and leave you feeling amazing. Treat yourself and enjoy it. I absolutely love chocolate, dark chocolate. One of my favorite things to do is purchase a bar of Ghirardelli dark chocolate, and treat myself to it. I will take a bite of the square, sit down and fully enjoy the chocolate. As the chocolate melts in my mouth, I have gratitude for the experience. Simply taking a moment to fully enjoy the treat, is a true form of self-love versus purchasing a candy bar on the way out of the grocery store and mindlessly eating it. 

Find Out What You Love To Eat

Over the course of the day, listen to your body’s needs. Our food regimens are often cultivated based off of what we have read, opinions and trends. Have you ever taken a moment to find out what it is that you love? Rather than manipulating your eating efforts, take time to really focus on nourishing your body and loving yourself. Trust the process, and follow your heart. 

Enjoy Food With Other’s Who Appreciate It

Spend some time with friends, enjoy a meal together. Focus on the smells and tastes that are included within the meal. Have conversation about your favorite foods, and connect on a deep level through life’s pleasures. 

Make Your Food Pretty When Possible

Set some time aside to make your plate look appealing because you deserve it. After cooking a meal, you will appreciate the meal on a deeper level if it appears appetizing. Fall in love with cooking and fall in love with you. You will recognize how much greater your appreciation is after enjoying a beautiful meal.

Eating is a true form of self-love practice doing random acts of kindness for yourself around food just like you would for someone else you love. 

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