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TheEmpowerist is an online foundation for individuals to discover life-long empowerment. We focus on empowering others to tap into their limitless potential by harmonizing their priorities and taking action to live the life they want to leave. Life is a beautiful series of moments, some moments challenge us more than other moments, but at the end of the day life is what you make of it. If you seek out every challenge as an opportunity in disguise, you will consistently practice a positive approach to building your dream life.

  • TheEmpowerist focuses on inspiring the ambitious population to discover their version of balance and creating powerful connections all around the globe
  • We believe that harmonizing self-empowerment, fitness, travel, nourishment and gratitude generates a consistently purposeful life.

Recent Blog Posts

Are you crippled by past events? Is there a memory that just keeps haunting you? I have been there. The past can be a powerful force that stops you from moving forward and reaching your goals. In fact, studies show that women tend to be more attached to the past than men. To live life
When dinnertime rolls around and your stomach starts growling, it’s easy to fall into dangerous black-and-white thinking when your tummy is calling the shots. You’re starving, and you think your only choices are between an organic, free-range kale and chia seed smoothie, or a greasy burger from the local fast food joint. Don’t succumb to
The Foundations of Nutrition Empowerment Happy New Years Eve! Tomorrow I will be releasing an ebook that will change your mindset and approach to nutrition, it’s sustainable for years to come! This guide will complement your health goals and open your eyes to the world of clean eating. When many of us approach eating healthy,

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