A Weekend In Nashville: Music City

Living for spontaneity because there is nothing better than embarking on an incredible adventure. Hurricane Irma threatened the state of Florida, so fleeing to Nashville, TN seemed like the safest choice to avoid this scary storm.

There’s No Time to be Bored in a World as Beautiful As This


After one class and a quick workout we were off to downtown Nashville, staying right on Music Row in the heart of the city. Fifteen hours later, we arrived to our destination at 2 a.m. Tennessee time and 3 a.m. Florida Time. After a full night’s rest, I was ready to explore.

Brunch is always a good idea

First stop, brunch on Broadway at The Frothy Monkey in downtown Nashville. I found this recommendation on Pinterest, and decided I had to try. This breakfast was the perfect way to energize, and was so delicious. Frothy Monkey uses local ingredients to create fresh and delicious meals. The chef driven menu offers breakfast every day until 5 p.m. They also offer lunch and dinner with expanded beverage offerings including coffeehouse creations as well as craft beer, wine and cocktails. I enjoyed the California: 2 Fried eggs over medium, avocado, sprouts, over gluten free toast and on the side home-made salsa. For coffee, I tried their Almond Milk Cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon, rustic and delicious. After brunch, we explored the area and walked the streets of Broadway to get a taste of what we were in for evening festivities.

After a full day of exploring Centennial Park (the parthenon) and immersing ourselves in the Nashville culture, we enjoyed a low-key dinner at Virago. Virago is cosmopolitan, progressive, and adventurous. This restaurant believes in the intersection of art and cuisine, LOVE it. The outside of the restaurant is as beautiful as the inside. Lit with a string of lights and on the inside is a beautiful dim vibe with lively music. Our waitress was SO nice and oddly enough, she was originally from Tampa! Let’s just say for this dinner, we did the “Let’s make that two.” There is a beautiful list of craft cocktails, and delicious drinks on their happy hour menu. Drew and I enjoyed the Asian Pear Moscow Mule. Loved the infusion of the sweet asian pear with the spiced ginger. Their menu is so eclectic, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. To start, we enjoyed the smoked salmon maki roll (SO FLAVORFUL!) Followed by the highly recommend Scottish Salmon, she recommended salmon…how could I say no? The salmon was baked on a Japanese cedar plank, glazed in maple soy (gluten free soy) and paired with bok choy. This was seriously incredible, the maple glaze was perfect (light, yet sweet) and roasted to perfection. To go with this salmon, we shared a side of the Campfire Sweet Potatoes brushed with maple and charred to a campfire perfection. Truly an unforgettable first dinner in Nashville. I recommend this restaurant to any foodie who loves a good vibe, low lights, good music, great service and even better food!

My Heart Burns for the City Lights


Our evening led us to popping a bottle of Ruffino, topped with raspberries and into Broadway (Downtown Nashville). I love the bright city! Passion fills the streets, live singers take over every bar and smiles are everywhere. We hopped from bar to bar to listen to a variety of singers, everyone was incredible! My favorite bar that we went to two nights in a row was the Mellow Mushroom. Small, underrated and incredible acoustic music. Each singer played a variety ranging from country, hip-hop, and throw-backs. Downtown Nashville is filled with bright, beautiful lights and thrives until the late evening/early morning hours.


Let the Adventure Continue

On day 2, we spend the day walking all around and laid low/got some work done at a cute coffee cafe called Just Love Coffee. This coffee shop was right off of music row, and was super cute! They also offer specialty coffee lattés, donate a percentage of their profits to local charities and offer their exception gluten free artisan waffles. If you are in need of a pick-me-up, definitely check out this cute spot.

After a full day of walking, working and photography we were ready to dine! We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Fin & Pearl (Drew’s choice) and he chose well! This restaurant is an expert in Nashville when it comes to seafood. Fin & Pearl offers sustainable seafood that is fresh and even goes as far to tell you where they purchase their seafood and the captain who caught it. This restaurant is committed to offering the freshest seafood in Nashville. This restaurant is a little on the $$$ side, but let me tell you their appetizers and salads offer plenty of food at a spectacular price and even better quality, I recommend going that route. I enjoyed one of my favorite salads, the Harvest Salad: organic greens, dates, roasted butternut, grilled zucchini, pickled cauliflower, granola, pears, bleu cheese, and toasted pumpkin seed vinaigrette. Topped with…you guessed it SCOTTISH SALMON. Side note, I think I should just do a salmon tour of the U.S. because I love it. Drew was feeling exotic and tried the grilled tamarind chicken: chicken breast, udon noodles, coconut curry, edamame, peanuts, cilantro, and lime. Both dishes were spectacular, but I have to say my favorite part was the open and welcoming environment in this restaurant.

After another day of exploring, we enjoyed our very last dinner at Adele’s a new restaurant in Nashville overlooking the city scape. This moment was truly beautiful, our last night and the sun setting. I absolutely loved Adele’s, their environment is beautiful – open kitchen, enchanting out door seating and energizing atmosphere. They are know for their incredible jw chicken, salsa verde so we had to try! We split the chicken, and I ordered the cauliflower salad: pistachio, raisin, and scallions. This salad was so delicious, even better than I expected. The golden raisins offered a nice balance with the toasted pistachios. Drew was feeling a little Italian, he tried the bucatini pasta: roast tomato, guanciale, and pecorino.


To end our evening, we had to try their famous ice cream spot: Jeni’s Splendid. We waited in a line that was out the door, but it was definitely so worth it! The line went so quickly because the vibe was

upbeat and passionate. It was mesmerizing to watch as they finely baked the waffle cones freshly right in front of your eyes and they smelled SO GOOD. Jeni’s ice cream is uniquely smooth, created with minimal ingredients and limited process. I enjoyed the Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel drizzled with extra dark chocolate sauce and for Drew the same ice cream drizzled with the honey butter scotch sauce.

Sunsets Are Proof that Endings Can Be Beautiful

As our trip came to an end, I could not help but smile. This experience was so incredible, and taught me that there is so much beauty all around us! I love traveling because it challenges me to step outside of the classic routine and away from my comfort zone. When I am traveling, I learn so much about the limitless opportunities available to all of us, I make incredible connections, live for the moment and above all – I am reminded about the gift of presence. Traveling revitalize my always be learning mindset and I am grateful that there is so much left on the Earth to experience.

So, I am curious what does traveling mean to you? I hope that reading this article inspires you to seize the opportunity to travel to Nashville.

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