We travel, not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. These intangible experiences will brand your soul with a memory that will last a lifetime. Travel, experience and discover new destinations because to travel is to live. Sometimes travel is expensive, it takes time, and sometimes planning will hold us back. However, it is important to remember that you can travel in your own state and go on local adventures! If it is a dream, create it. The only thing holding you back is your mind. If you drive forward and envision new adventures, they will come your way. Visualization is key. Make it a priority and do it!

While traveling be sure to look around, take in the scenery and study the individuals. Be present.

I have currently been on a road trip for the past three weeks. I wake up, check my local maps and discover new coffee shops, delectable local eats, while meeting great people and broadening my network! If you are someone who thrives off of stepping outside of your comfort zone and discovering new experiences, then make 2016 a year of adventure. Explore all around and see what this world has to offer.

Travel will leave you speechless and craft a story teller. Traveling has always played a large role throughout the course of my life. My grandfather was a world traveler and safe to say my true travel motivation. When I used to go visit him every now and again he used to say, “So Carly, when are you going to travel”? He would walk me over to his vintage world map – so vintage it looked as if it had been stained with tea bags. Then, I looked up to the site of our Earth, each destination he had explored around was marked with a thumbtack. Fast forward, a few years later we were sitting in a hospital in Boston at a window overlooking the wilderness. Grandpa Bill lived a life of exploration, built a printing empire, and raised a beautiful family. In that cold winter moment, he swore he was back on a cruise in Scotland. He said, “Carly are you sure we are not on a cruise right now”? And that moment solidified for me the importance of exploration. In that moment, his travels flurried back into his mind and generated pure happiness for him.


Now, it is my time to follow in his foot steps, explore new locations, and meet wonderful people. Travel brings new perspective, understanding, and a deeper meaning.

Over the course of the past three weeks I explored Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, and my personal favorite – Charleston, South Carolina. Each location is filled with history, nature, like-minded individuals, and local establishments. Navigate what ignites your passions and enlighten them with new discoveries.


The Vendue Rooftop in Charleston, SC



  1.  New Experiences
  2.  Clear Your Mind
  3.  Revitalization
  4.  Expand Your Network
  5.  Sample New Cuisine
  6. To Feel Alive
  7.  Find Peace Within
  8. To Face Your Fears
  9. To Bring Out Your Adventurous Spirit
  10. To Empower Yourself

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