Staying Fit During Holiday Travels

Happy holidays!

Staying fit during holiday travels is especially challenging. I am here to help you discover the key to generating consistent exercise routines during the happiest time of the year! First & foremost, discovering ways to implement a workout during the holidays is vital for those who have goals for themselves or thrive off of feeling their best. Just remember, you will never say man, I really regret that workout.

Time Management

Time management will enable you to fit in a workout each day. Choosing workouts that compliment your energy for the day, time available, & your person happiness is key. Allow yourself to rest during the holidays because this is a time of relaxation. Each morning that you arise, wake up and remind yourself of your goals. Think about where you want to be and why this is a goal. Does is make you happy or less-stressed? Or clear your mind? Find out what it is & prioritize it.


Variety & flexibility during the holidays is something we must be open to! Take advantage of not having access to certain equipment by experimenting with new workouts. Increase squats, try out that new HIIT & do your research. There are so many at-home HIIT workouts available online or on Pinterest, do your research and get excited about it! You can and will stay on track.

Accountability Partner

Find out who else in your circle of influence is in this with you! Challenge your friend or family member to join you on your goal to stay on track. To be quite honest, they will be thrilled & grateful for your motivation. Invite them in & allow this time to be a bonding experience. Go on a run outside or hit the gym at your cousins home. All you need is your body, your strength, light weights & if available a treadmill.

Calendar Your Workout

Make sure you schedule your workout, this is so vital to your consistency. Set your alarm or have Siri remind you.

Stay active by keeping busy and purposeful. Help out your family members with cleaning the home & cooking. Enjoy a nice stroll with your dog each day, your love is appreciated. Ice skate locally and Christmas shop till you drop.

Remember, all you need is 15-30 minutes to fit in a workout that allows you to stay in shape & feel alive. Take time for you and de-stress & catch up with family, you will be left with no regrets!

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