The Best Tips to Optimize Your Travel Experience

Traveling is one of the most joyful experiences! Sometimes, the process to getting to your destination is not always smooth. The car is a small and confined space. The airport is hectic, is filled with stressed people and often requires loss of sleep due to early flight time or a time zone difference. There are a few key tips to optimize your travel experience and really enjoy the process.

Life’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

No. 1 – Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Wherever you go, always bring a water bottle! Staying hydrated positively complements your energy, mind, and body. Hydrating your body effectively versus not hydrating is transformative, will keep you thriving all day long. As an added bonus you will save money! Waters at airports are expensive, usually between $2.50-$4.00.

No. 2 – Pack Healthy Snacks

Packing nutritious snacks is vital, there are so many opportunities for unhealthy “quick fixes” on the road and in the airport. But, these fast-food snacks will leave you feeling even more lethargic and waste money. Complement your energy with healthy, nutritious snacks that spike your energy in preparation for your arrival. Pack things like nuts, fruit, hard boiled eggs and nutritious bars. For more information on healthy snacks on-the-go click here.

No. 3 – Bring An Inspirational Book

One of the best aspects about travel is the time you have to be one with yourself. Bring an inspiring read and immerse yourself in the novel.

No. 4 – Sleep

Sleep is vital while traveling because you are carrying heavy bags, walking, and crossing time zones. Listen to your body and rest as long as you need.

No. 5 – Walk Everywhere

While traveling, walk as much as you can. If you are waiting for your plane to take off, walk around the airport. Take the stairs when you can and immerse yourself in the new destination. Skip the uber and walk!

No. 6 – Stay on Routine with Exercise

Just because you’re traveling, does not mean you should take consistent rest days. Your health is a privilege, remember this. Take advantage of the Hotel gym and wake up early to stay on track with your goals. Have a routine and stick to it, every other day or every two days.

No. 7 – Make A Travel List

Remember to bring the little things. Phone chargers, car charger, and lap top chargers. Bring a camera so you can look back on this trip in the future and have nostalgia. Don’t forget your toothbrush and tooth paste, always needed. Bring gum, you will be doing a lot of sitting around, it will keep you focused on the destination. Pack cash, your passport, and remind your bank you will be traveling so they are aware about credit card use. Have a brush and deodorant close by, you will be doing a lot of running around. Be prepared!

No. 8 – Bring A Journal

Lastly, bring a journal and write it all down. Reflect, journaling generates presence for the moment. You will look back at it one day and be so grateful you kept it. You will also experience greater clarity in your life.

Traveling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller 

I hope that reading this article assists you with discovering a smooth travel routine.

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